The ‘Feikh’ Sheikh is Working For Mossad-controlled ASIO and ASIS

He said he is labelled a fake Sheikh because he prioritises Australian law over Sharia. He also made the outrageous claim that Sunni Muslims in Australia are conspiring to establish a taxpayer Caliphate “right here, under our noses,” despite providing no proof for such a claim.

He started a Gofundme campaign to help him stay safe and alive as he claims he r 6eceives death threats on a regular basis because of his controversial views, and asked the public to donate more than $30,000 to boost security at his home and office.

He demanded that the Australian government ban the construction of mosques and community centers: “We Have a Big Problem, Changing This Country is Something I am Against.”

And his most famous line to date:


Unless you are someone who is knowledgeable in the three Abrahamic religions, you probably would not be able to recognise his deceit.

Tawhidi is the darling of the Intelligence Services which backs the extremists he claims he opposes. 

If he was a real Imam he would have said that Palestine (i.e., the Holy Land) is Muslims land as it does in the Qur’an. The very first post I published was Muslims Claim to Jerusalem which clearly exposes him. 

Further evidence to support my claim is his interview with Gad Saad, which was published on YouTube on 9 June 2017: My Chat With Imam Tawhidi.

From 47m:36s Tawhidi says “Every Muslim, Imam or no Imam, knows for sure that Moses came before Jesus, and Jesus came before Muhammad, and Muhammad came after them all, so in no way can Palestine or Bilad al-Sham, which includes Israel, or the land of Israel, Jerusalem, be Islamic land, from the very beginning”.

My response:

In Islamic theology, a Muslim refers to those who submit themselves to the will of Allah, as all of the prophets did. All of the prophets in Islam were Muslims and their religion was one (I.e., Islamic monotheism) including Abraham (3:67) Moses and Jesus (42:13) and his disciples (5:111) until the Children of Israel deviated from the religion (61:14). 

When Jesus was sent to the Children of Israel  as their promised Messiah, some accepted him but most had rejected him and had attempted to crucify him. After they rejected and boasted of killing him (4:157), Allah then permanently expelled them (including those who accepted him as Messiah) from the Holy Land and the city (Jerusalem) was destroyed (21:95).

Those who rejected Jesus became known as Jews, and those who accepted him became known as Christians. The Christians were now recognised as a separate community from the Jews and designated in the Qur’an as the People of the Gospel (5:48). The Qur’an also chose to refer to these two separate communities, who both emerged from the Children of Israel, as the People of the book.

When Allah expelled the Israelites from the Holy Land after their rejection of the Messiah and their attempt to crucify him, they were punished by being broken up into bits and pieces and scattered all over the earth as several communities (7:168). For over two thousand years, they remained dispersed all over the world. They lived in Yemen, Morocco, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Ethiopia, Arabia, Syria, Turkey, etc during this time.

Therefore, it was Muslims land from the very beginning, not Jewish, because Moses didn’t preach Judaism to the Israelites. 

Tawhidi also wrote an article for Huffington Post titled Why I Believe Palestine is Jewish land. I will quote some of his statements from this article, then verses from the Qur’an that contradicts his belief especially as a so-called Muslim and Imam.


“The Torah had existed long before the Bible, with Moses and Jesus both arriving in Jerusalem to preach their scriptures centuries before Prophet Mohammad. Therefore, it cannot be historically nor geographically considered appropriate to believe that Mohammad had come with Islam to Jerusalem before them.”

My response:

The Qur’an declares that the land was given to the Israelites conditionally, they broke their covenant with Allah, then He made the believing Ishmaelites its inheritors of the land (see Muslims Claim to Jerusalem).


Jerusalem was home for the adherents of the Jewish faith, and then Christians. Thus, how did Islam arrive in the region?

My response:

Refer to the my abovementioned comment in response to his interview with Gad Saad.


“We Muslims inherited Palestine after it had been invaded multiple times by our former Caliphs. The citizens of Palestine may convert to Islam, but in no way can Palestine ever be considered Muslim land.

A Muslim, and Non-Muslims alike, may reject Israel being a state, but cannot deny the fact that the entire region, including Palestine, is in fact, Jewish land.”

My Response:

The absurdity of such statements from a so-called Imam is that the Qur’an itself exposes him but the majority of his supporters have never read the Qur’an nor understand it. A real Imam would say that the religion of all the Prophets is one (i.e., Islamic monotheism). They were all Muslim but had different legislations.

He is a Jewish agent paid to discredit Muslims claim to the land so they can get away with human rights abuses and ursurp more Arab land to make room for greater Israel.


If Arab Muslims do not have genuine claims to the land, then why do the Zionists have the need to discredit them with such propaganda? Arabs are the descendents of Ishmael pbuh as are the Palestinians. This is another Jew paid to discredit the Arabs claim to the land.


It is written in Confessions of a British and British Enmity against Islam that was originally published in 1868, that they will distort and defile Islamic history:


Allah warned us of this Judeo-Christian Zionist alliance that would emerge in history (5:51).

Tawhidi’s attitude towards Israel and the Jews is very telling:


How could he be a real Imam, when evidently he is incredibly ignorant and denying the verses of the Qur’an?


The same Qur’an that tells us Prophet Jacob pbuh was a Muslim (Qur’an, 2:133) as were the Children of Israel (10:84). The Qur’an tells us that they became known as Jews only after their rejection of Jesus pbuh as evidenced above in my response to his interview with Gad Saad. 


The verse 5:20 and onwards refers to the period during the exodus when Moses pbuh and the Muslim Children of Israel came out of Egypt, which was the home of the Israelite slaves who were being oppressed by Pharoah, and Moses pbuh rescued them at the command of Allah.

The Israelites said they would not enter the Holy Land unless the people who were already living there left because they were mighty, strong people. Moses pbuh ordered them to enter Jerusalem and fight their enemy and promised them victory and triumph over the people if they did. They refused, and Allah punished them by making them wander bewildered for 40 years. (5:23-26).

The Qur’an very clearly states that the Israelites were still Muslims under the guidance of Prophet Moses pbuh, thus they were entitled to live in the Holy Land. It was not addressing a Jewish nation as the Qur’an tells us that they became known as Jews only after their rejection of Jesus pbuh.

The conditions of inheritance was ‘faith in Allah and submission to him’ and ‘righteous conduct’ (21:105) .


All of the prophets in Islam were Muslims and their religion was one (I.e., Islamic monotheism) including Abraham (3:67) Moses and Jesus (42:13) and his disciples (5:111) until the Children of Israel deviated from the religion (61:14).

If Abraham was a Muslim (3:67), as was Moses, Jesus and the Children of Israel (until they deviated), how could it have been Jewish land before Moses when the Qur’an tells us they didn’t become Jews until their rejection of Jesus?

Isn’t this enough proof for you that he is not a real Muslim or Imam?


A real Imam would know that this is not true at all, as the Qur’an says that the present state of Israel has no religious legitimacy.


Brainwashing the masses to hate Palestinians.


His most recent declaration of love and support for Israel:


He also published an article titled Is Jerusalem a Sacred Islamic City? 

Does it come as no surprise that Tawhidi has no Muslim followers? He is not recognised as an Imam, Sheikh or Muslim leader by either the Australian National Imams Council or its South Australian equivalent, nor is he affiliated with any Australian mosque or prayer center. The only religious instruction he offers is a self-described ‘university standard’ Islamic Studies class delivered from a rented classroom at the University of South Australia.



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