The Biggest Threat to World Peace

In previous articles of mine, I explained that Freemason’s have deeply infiltrated Islam and Christianity. Their job is to distort end time prophecies to divide and conquer between Christians and Muslims. This diverts attention away from the real goals they wish to achieve in the Middle East.

Whoever wishes to seek the truth, should learn to free their minds from media control and indoctrination. Modern day mass media exists to sway opinions, control behaviour, destroy critical thinking and distorting facts as a pretext to support war.

Seldom mentioned in the mainstream media is the real reason behind all the wars across the Arab and Muslim world – the quest for Greater Israel, or Biblically known as the Promised Land defined in Genesis 15:18-21 or the Land of Israel, which they have been working on for centuries:

On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abraham, saying: “To your offspring I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates.” [Genesis, 15:18]

Then the LORD will drive out all these nations before you, and you will dispossess nations larger and stronger than you. Every place where you set your foot will be yours: Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea.” [Deuteronomy, 11:23-24]

Unfortunately, a lot of misguided Christians see biblical prophecies being fulfilled, and hence, support Israel and the Jews. Is their support justified when Judaism Openly Denies That Jesus Is The Messiah? Read it for yourself on the biggest Judaism website in the world.

Let me point out that Muslims do not reject Jesus as the Messiah. Everyone believes their religion is the true religion. Since Muslims deny Jesus pbuh is God or the Son of God, many Christians falsely believe Islam is Antichrist, therefore, the Antichrist will be Muslim.

During my research on the conflicts in the Middle East, I came across Confessions of a British Spy and British Enmity Against Islam. According to Wikipedia, it was originally published in 1868. It seems to correlate with Oded Yinon’s ‘A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties’.

This book touches the subject of a British spy by the name of Hempher who was responsible for shaping the extreme tenets of Wahhabism, as the British hoped to pit the Arab Muslims against their Ottoman Turkish brothers. The only way to do so was to find a loophole in Islamic law whereby the Arabs could declare the Turks as apostates.

The British hoped to pit the Arabs and Turks against each other to undermine the Ottoman Empire so Britain could later establish the state of Israel in Palestine. The details of this conspiracy are outlined in this document.



Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab was deceived, and his deviant sect was the instrumental tool used in order for the British commonwealth to execute their plan of demolishing the Ottoman Empire. British Imperial policy often involved the creation of deviant sects in its colonies in order to divide and conquer. One of the most effective strategies of inducing animosity among disputing groups is by taking control of the media and creating western-backed terrorist groups:



What about the Creation of a second Israel? Kurdistan will cause years of war and bloodshed. Everything seems to be going according to plan.




When we look at the condition of the Arab and Muslim world, with many Arab leaders turning their backs on the plight of the Palestinian people, serious questions need to be raised. Why is the the United States so hell bent on regime change? Is it to install a Zionist puppet that will turn the country into sectarian bloody conflicts? Are these leaders really Muslim or agents of the West?




There are many examples of the injustice Arabs and Muslims are facing today, especially in Yemen. Are Arabs really to blame for the poor living conditions they live in? Is the Western world’s hatred justified?



We can see a lot of these are already taking place and being played out.


This is already apparent, and their connection to Israel is often clearly out in the open. You will find that anti-Islam Facebook pages all happen to be pro-Israel, or associated with other public figures or pages who are, when you look at their ‘pages liked by this page’. Where Israel plays victim to Islamic terrorism and is only defending itself:


“If we don’t do something, we’re all going to be slaughtered!”

They have been working on Greater Israel for centuries by means of deception. The bogus ‘war on terror’ was to justify invading and going to war with these ‘backward barbarians’, so they can annex more Arab land, steal their resources, and to see the influx of Arab refugees arriving in the west to start making room for greater Israel. The continuous increase of illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territories clearly proves this.

I hope you see this truth, because you will not get to the truth unless you see the monstrous lies coming from the media. The fact is, none of this would be possible if there was public unity and people willing to research and listen.

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