Jerusalem Not Mentioned in the Qur’an?

After more than 70 years of violence in the course of the Israel-Palestine conflict that sits at the heart of the problems facing the Middle East, the two sides have only experienced the ongoing suffering.

There are many of you who may still be casting doubt on what the truth might really be. One should know that truth can be easily twisted to the one who does not know.

The media and some people often quote verse 5:21 in isolation to use as evidence that the Qur’an says Palestine is Jewish land in order to justify occupation and brutality without further looking into the subject.

Others argue that ‘Palestine’ and ‘Jerusalem’ are not even mentioned ONCE in the Qur’an, to discredit Muslims claim to the Holy Land. This has already been covered in depth, from the viewpoint of Arab Christians and Muslims. Where do the misunderstandings come from when addressing the subject of Muslims claim to Jerusalem?

The first mistake is that many people believe the Qur’an addresses a Jewish Children of Israel to enter the Holy Land. The view in Islam is that all the prophets, including Abraham [3:67] and Moses [2:132] peace be upon them both, were Muslims, as were the Children of Israel [10:84, 2:83], which is why they were entitled to live in the Holy Land as they were still following the religion of Abraham pbuh.

Secondly, Muslims claim to Jerusalem is further discredited by the notion that Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Qur’an, not even once. Islamic scholar, Imran Hosein, offered an explanation surrounding the absence on the mention of the city Jerusalem:

“The name of the city ‘Jerusalem’ does not appear in the Qur’an, yet so many of the Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an had links with that Holy City.

The Qur’an referred to Jerusalem (Arabic: ‘Quds – القدس‎’ or ‘Bait al-Maqdis – القُدس‎’) as a ‘city’, or ‘town’ – but without naming it. The reason for this mysterious treatment of the subject is located in the Islamic view that Jerusalem is destined to play a central crucial role in the Last Age. Hence there was, perhaps, a divine need to cloud the name of the city, as well as its destiny, with a sacred cloud that would not be lifted until the appropriate time had come, and Jerusalem was poised and ready to play its role in the End of History.

The Qur’an has declared that the world is yet to know the interpretation of certain verses [10:39]. The fact is that no one could have written on this subject until that time arrived and the cloud was lifted.”

The Qur’an refers to Jerusalem as a ‘city’, ‘land’, ‘earth’ and ‘town’ – but without naming it, in 17:117:7, 17:104, 21:81, 21:955:215:2621:7121:1052:1432:145, 6:1657:128, 7:137, and 24:55.

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