Are the Genocide Allegations a Secret Judeo-Armenian Conspiracy?

Turkey is the successor state of the Ottoman Empire, and its official policy on the Armenian Genocide is the denial of its occurrence.

The first World War was designed to dissolve the Ottoman Empire because it presented a number of major setbacks to the developed imperialist nations as it controlled most of the oil fields. The Western alliance did not want to take any chances. They kept mainland Turkey under military occupation, riled up the minorities, like the Armenians and Greeks who wanted independence so they could hit the empire from within. Now, not all of those minorities were complicit in this plan. The majority of them loved their country and would not commit treason, but those who did, did.

Another setback the Ottoman Empire presented was the fact that they kept Palestine in their hands. Theodore Hertzl’s team came to Sultan Abdulhamid to purchase the land but he would not sell, he refused. So the Zionists supported a coup to overthrow the Ottoman King. The people who succeeded in that coup were the Committee of Union and Progress who forced the Empire into WWI, which was a losing game. This ended up being a major help to the Zionists, because it paved the way to the British mandate and the eventual creation of the State of Israel.

The other majaor setback was the Muslim population who lived in the Ottoman controlled areas. Per Prof. Justin McCarthy, some 10 million Muslim people, consisting chiefly of Turks, were killed or exiled across the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East and Caucuses, because these people were considered a threat to the interests of the Western alliance. Hence, the Great War was designed to exterminate this population while controlling the resources.

The reason why the Armenian genocide recognition is so important to them is because they want one hundred plus billion dollars in reparations and roughly half of Turkey on the East side which they call Western Armenia.

As for the Western allies who sought to destroy the Turks in the region in the first place, they see the Armenian Genocide claim as a political tool to pressure Turkey. Every time Turkey ‘misbehaves’, trying to make her own policies instead of those imposed upon her, there’s always some country to take this Armenian Genocide claim out of their freezer and recognise it in their congress. It is a tool to politically destabilise or politically pressure Turkey if they do not succumb.

I have been researching the genocide allegations for over five years and it is not a reasonable claim. The claimed death toll (1.5 million) is way inflated and is purposely provided out of context. Archival research proves that Ottomans relocated 438,758 people in 1915 in mandatory evacuations and only 56,610 persons died due to exigencies like harsh winter conditions, diseases, hunger, etc. Well, that is not genocide.

Two hundred plus thousand died in armed conflict with the Ottoman army. You cannot say that was genocide either because if you call that a genocide, then you have to call every war that is ever fought the same.

I also found out through my own research, that some 300-400 thousand or so Armenians who ran from the Russian invasion in Eastern front, migrated upwards towards Georgia and Russia, had perished. They mostly froze to death due to lack of shelter or hunger or diseases. The Turks did not displace these people, they migrated North on their own accord. The Turks moved the Armenians to Syria and Lebanon, where the vast majority of them survived.

Most of these people later moved to Europe or other countries. For instance, there is a huge Armenian population in Argentina, who came mostly from Lebanon. So the forced migration policy of 1915, which lasted only 150 days, did not result in that many casualties. Certainly not the numbers Armenians claim. They in fact mostly survived the war. Besides, if the Turks really intended to exterminate Armenians, why did they just force them to migrate? They could have just shot them. Clear to me, that there was no genocidal intent.

Turkey has always invited the Armenian leaders to the table to open the historic books and evidences for historians to determine the truth and they have always declined because they know it is bogus. Instead, through lobbying politicians and spending millions of dollars on a lie every year, they want to make this claim acknowledged by governments.

There are many independent sources that can validate that there is absolutely no truth to their claim including a respected historian prof. Justin McCarthy who said that if there was a genocide, it was committed by the Armenians. There were many cases of genocide in recent human history where thousands upon thousans were killed and many that is going on in front of our eyes today, yet, how is it that none of these are not on everyone’s agenda to be recognised, but something that is not even proven from 100 years ago is?

I wanted to find if there was a Judeo-Armenian connection, and based on this search, this is what I found. There is a possible connection, although it is very hard to prove today, and the subject is certainly one of the least researched aspects of the Armenian Genocide issue.

There was a Turkish-Jewish historian named Abraham Galante who was also a former congressman. He wrote a book in 1933 in French, titled Les Pacradounis, ou, Une secte arméno-juive (En. The Pacradounis, or a Jewish-Armenian sect).

He claims that this secret Jewish-Armenian sect, named Pacradounis, played a crucial role in financing the uprisings started by the Dashnak (or ARF) Armenians. According to him, this secret cult had a strict Zionist agenda. The fact that Abraham Galate himself was Jewish, and that he was a Professor Emeritus of History back in his time, allows me to think that the allegations might have some merit, or at least certainly have not been written with anti-semitic motivations.

Years following Galante’s death, the same allegations have also been voiced by a Turkish-Armenian historian named Levon Panos Dabagyan, but he mostly cites Galante in his work and no one else. Because of the thick veil of secrecy about this subject, it is quite hard to prove that these Pacradouni people even exist, let alone their possible role in the Armenian rebellions.

Southeast part of Turkey is a part of the Promise land for the Jews, and coincidentally this is the area an atheist terrorist group PKK has been waging a war against Turkey for decades under the pretense of representing the Kurds to create the state of Kurdistan, which has never existed in the history of the Middle East. According to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, “the Jewish state stretches from the brook of Egypt to Euphrates” You can find many articles and videos about this topic if you google ‘The greater Israel Project’.

The Biblical Borders of Greater Israel:


The Euphrates originates from Turkey and the promised land most likely includes at least a small portion of southeast Turkey. But even if it didn’t, in order to achieve their goal, they need a weak and divided Turkey, just like Syria and Iraq, because a strong one will be a major obstacle to their goals as Turks will never accept territorial integrities of other Muslim countries in the Middle East and a Jewish state right next to their borders.

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