How Fake Images Help Spread Stereotypes about Migrants and Muslims Across the Globe

This image is used in extreme-right propaganda against Islam:islam-is-not-a-religion-its-the-worlds-largest-death-24595842.pngIt is given such headings as “Anti-Christian persecutions in the Middle East,” and “Christian girl killed for refusing to convert to Islam”. It is perhaps the most famous propaganda and the second most widespread individual image on the anti-Islam front.While you will find genuine photos and videos of such atrocities committed by terrorists, thankfully this one is not the case. However, why lie in this case?

There is so much propaganda out there. A questionable source always exhibits one or more of the following:

  • Extreme bias
  • Overt propaganda
  • Poor or no sourcing to credible information
  • Uses words like “Islamists,” “Muhammadans,” “Islamo-leftists, “Christ- haters,” “Death Cult” just to name a few
  • And/or is fake news

And it has to be explained an unbelievable amount of times over the past few years, that it is from a gore-horror film, Inner Depravity, made in 2006 and directed by Remy Couture:


Here is the original photo with its copyright:


This montage shows 16 people who were supposedly raped and assaulted by migrants in Europe:


It was widely shared in six different countries (GermanyGreeceItaly, the Netherlandsthe United Kingdom and France).

Of the 16 women pictured, none are actually German and nor were they assaulted in Germany, according to the Austrian fact-checking website Mimikama, which tracked down the original sources of the photos.

Most of these photos actually came from the United Kingdom or the United States. The women shown were victims of domestic violence, police violence or random attacks. A couple of the photos do not show victims of attacks at all, but women who are wearing stage or costume make-up. The photo on the far-right of the third line actually shows a British man who was attacked in his home in 2014.

[1] Chilling video shows mother of two screaming in horror as police officers ‘break her cheekbone during violent DUI arrest’ [2] Brutal beating of Sheaves Cove woman sparks fear, retaliation [3] Hinds Firefighter Jailed for Domestic Violence [4] Battered by boyfriend… then denied treatment on the NHS: Mother left to pay for private operation that costs £5,500 [5] Nanna og Mads overfaldet julenat: Vi er ikke racister [6] ‘I’m watching you’: Man’s threatening text messages before ‘punching a young woman in the face three times’ ordered to stay behind bars [7] A YOUNG woman was brutally attacked for being English – by a hate-filled Scot who heard her accent. [8] Mother, 24, beaten black and blue by woman drinker ‘who was jealous after seeing her produce wad of cash to pay for drinks’ [9] Danielle Lloyd urged to quit nightclub scene after nearly losing a leg in vicious attack [10] Jean murder police hunt for evil brute who battered woman [11] Actresses in character and prosthetic makeup [12] Lecturer beaten to a pulp by four burglars meets man who attacked him – and shakes his hand [13] Shocking injuries of woman ‘punched in face after telling man to stop groping her’ at Notting Hill Carnival [14] Woman ‘pounced on’ and knocked unconscious in savage attack by up to 10 men in Grecian Crescent, Great Lever [15] Cowards: Shocking image shows 70-year-old woman’s horrific injuries after she’s attacked on canal path [16] Body building forum and also in pregnant woman brutality beaten, but that is not correct as the photo was first found in 2010.

Abuse of women is unacceptable and unfortunately exists in all countries, as seen above, and coming from men and women of all religions and skin colours. The abuse does not only come from migrants and Muslims as they want to make you believe, just look around and you will see the truth for yourself.

In another case, this photo has been circulating online, with over six thousand shares purporting another case of child brides in Islam:


The photos were taken in 2016 inside a kindergarten in Elazığ, Turkey. It was a school party that had nothing to do with a wedding and child brides:

Turkish law requires a person(s) to be the age of eighteen before they can legally marry. However, under special circumstances men and women at the age of sixteen years can get married with the permission of their parents, legal guardians or the relevant court. You can also refer to my recent article “Does the Qur’an and Islam Really Permit Child Marriage and Pedophilia?”

If we compare the minimum age for access to marriage in Turkey, it would still be higher than many countries of the European Union which is 15-16 years old.

Then there is the fake story about the “Syrian girl stoned to death for using facebook account,” that is still circulating online after many years:


CNN, The Daily Mail, Breitbart, Tundra Tabloids, Examiner, India Today, Global Times, Israel Hayom, Daily Bashkar, FrontPageRag and numerous other news sites and blogs reported the story.

This is another snippet from a movie, supposedly the true-story recounting “the stoning of “Soraya M” in an Iranian village in the eighties:

Fake news is the deliberate attempt to publish disinformation for the purpose of profit or influence and sway public opinion. Anti-Islam propaganda comes from hate websites and many public figures with an extreme right wing bias. This promotes extreme Islamophobia. These sources generally have a poor record with fact checking because they know their followers will not fact check and that is why they continue to publish fake news.

These fake news stories have been debunked time and again but they continue to be circulated online, even after many years, which is why I wrote this article. Please fact check before encouraging the sharing of extreme right wing propaganda.


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