U.S and Allies Warmongering and Propaganda Against Muslims

I have been reading a lot of crazy things coming from The United about Muslims that I often wonder how could they have let themselves become so brainwashed?

American’s have been falling for the exact same lies since forever. They are completely unable to do simple things like look things up and fact-check. I think it is a bit amusing but sad that France has become a political propaganda weapon of the Zionists in the United States.

A questionable source always exhibits one or more of the following:

  • Extreme bias
  • Overt propaganda
  • Poor or no sourcing to credible information
  • Uses words like ‘Islamists’, ‘Muhammadans’, ‘Islamo-leftists’, ‘Christ-haters’, or ‘Death Cult’, just to name a few
  • And/or is fake news

They are deliberately spreading propaganda by using scenes of violence from movies and distorting the facts in the true cases of assault by taking an older image out of its original context and then link it to a recent news story.

Pictures and videos are shown which are published with a completely wrong description. Since editing a photo is a fairly complicated process, many Internet users resort to a far simpler method. Let me show you some examples.

This is supposed to be evidence of the Islamisation of France and Muslims taking over the streets.


Muslims were protesting the closure of a popular local prayer room outside the local town hall in the form of a street prayer.

The prayer room had operated in a government building but has since turned into a library in Clichy-la-Garonne.

You can read the article from 2016 which explains why Muslims were protesting on the street. The library project was open for a long time in a different nearby building. The new mayor decided the prayer room was a better place for the library.

That was the main issue here, and instead of taking the Muslim community needs into account, this is what he did:

He attributed them another smaller place that is out of town, 1.5 km from the one in the city center, and he shut the prayer hall down overnight. He sent people to seal the doors and the riot police were standing in front refusing entry to anyone. He basically kicked them out straight away. Between 3000-5000 Muslims were attending their services everyday.

In the later proposal, the maximum capacity was 700 and inconveniently located for the Muslims wishing to attended the services.

People are deliberately taking a perfectly legal protest in the form of a street prayer and turning this into evidence of the so-called ‘Islamisation of France’. It was a pretty normal mundane local government issue. 

You can  see another incident deliberately taken out of context by Paul Joseph Watson.


His latest video, The Truth About Migrants, Watson stated “Muslim activists are literally remaining streets in France”. No! A rally of about fifty people was organised in June in front of the city hall for the symbolic inauguration of a street temporarily called “Alley of the Nakba” (“catastrophe” in Arabic).

The ceremony was attended by members of the municipal council and the local Muslim community. It was approved by the mayor, Dominique Lesparre, who is not Muslim, nor a migrant. The city council has been a staunch supporter of the Palestinian cause for several years. There was also another rally of about eighty people in Annecy (une plaque “Place de la Nakba” a été placée sur la façade de la Bourse du travail sous celle de la rue de la République).


Many fake photos and videos are simply taken in one country and published as if they were depicting an event taking place in another, and shared on social media.

This video has been circulating for a few days on Facebook. It is described as the scene of a homosexual murder that took place in Morocco. It was not in Morocco, but Brazil. The original version of the video in Brazilian Portuguese was deliberately edited in order to make the scene of a homophobic murder in Morocco by voluntarily adding voices in Moroccan Arabic.


It is an extremely graphic video, so I will not provide the link as evidence. You are free to google it yourself. It shows a group of five young men hitting him with sticks and stones, then an axe and leaving him for dead in the middle of what appears to be a vacant lot. In the background, and in a perfect Moroccan accent, one hears the voices of men saying: “Go Saïd, strike that son of p****!”, “Continue, continue, hit!”

A Facebook page called “Casa Civilization” had reported the hoax on Sunday, January 7:


In addition, several articles on this have been published in the Brazilian media since January 5th. Cited by the local press, the Brazilian civilian police said the victim was a 17-year-old boy. He was killed on December 30, 2017 in Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceará, in the north-east of the country. The reason for this crime remains unknown, but the police suspect a settlement between rival gangs.

Continuing on, Pamela Geller and Voice of Europe, uploaded and shared an obviously staged video, which shows refugees smashing a police car in Italy:


The video, in reality, is an amateur recording of an Italian film, Mediterranea. If you watch the video, you can see a cinematographer, a light-diffusion panel and a person responsible for sound appear on the left side of the screen. Yes, a whole film crew.


It is not a police car, Fanpage describes it here.

They are not even trying anymore. They know their followers will believe whatever they tell them to believe. Posting obviously fake videos with the deliberate intention to inflame anti-Migrant and Muslim sentiment. They exploit tragedies for their personal and political agenda. They are earning some serious cash from all the visits and ads on their website

The far-right movement have always tried to get followers by exaggeration, fear mongering and bending the truth (or completely ignoring it). 

What they have is nothing but exaggerated propaganda which is based upon small grains of truth and has been blown out of context to scare people into adopting pro-white nationalist views, as well as to break up Western alliances and pit us against each other. This is how global information warfare works.

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