Migrant Crime Wave: The EU Cover-Up Revealed, Refuted (Part 1)

Janice Atkinson recently published, Migrant Crime Wave: The EU Cover-Up Revealed.

There is a conspiracy that French officials are distorting and covering-up the allegedly horrible crimes committed by Muslim migrants. All of the statistics are publicly available, so how can it be a cover-up?

Since I live in France, the main country of focus in her publication, I will be using mostly French statistics. 

When the French Board of Immigration talks about migrants, they mean something much broader and include temporary guest workers, labor immigration, students, immigrants from other European countries, their relatives and even the French who move back to France after living abroad and so on.

The term ‘migrant’ is used for anyone arriving in France, it is not an administrative term. The term ‘refugee’ refers to an administrative category. A ‘migrant’ is any person who migrates, who voluntarily moves to another country or region for economic, political or cultural reasons. Thus, by equivocating these two distinct definitions, they can artificially inflate the numbers and give the appearance that France is being flooded with thousands of Muslim refugees per year.

Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees do not cover the same rights. A migrant becomes an asylum seeker when he or she made a request for asylum with the appropriate authorities. The asylum seeker becomes a refugee if he or she gets a favourable response after examining his or her file. While waiting for refugee status, an asylum seeker can not in any case benefit from the same aid as a French national.

Let me begin with the first contradiction.


It is alleged that Europe is opening its doors for Muslim migrants only. Yet, Atkinson clearly contradicts herself later on in her book:


I will expose the ultimate lie that we are only receiving Muslim asylum seeker applicants in Europe.

The Asylum Information Database (AIDA) is a database managed by the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE). It lists the number of applicants, by gender, country, number of successful claims and rejections, asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention and content of international protection across 23 EU and 3 non-EU countries (Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey). You just have to click on the countries flag and it lists all the details. It aims to provide up-to date information.


There are countries on the list for the United Kingdom that are Christian, such as Eritrea, and Vietnam is not a Muslim country.  

Let us continue….


Why has France’s return rate dropped?


The figures above show voluntary return, and returned with aided assistance from the government. You can also read this article by the French English speaking news ‘The Local’, which refutes the lie that our numbers have dropped due to it costing too much:


Let’s move on to Sweden.

Sweden is not the rape capital of the Western world. Anti-immigration activists misuse rape statistics. The number of reported rapes in Sweden has risen, but the definition of rape has broadened over time since the late 1990’s which makes it difficult to compare the figures. The propensity to report rape has also doubled in recent years.

If a woman in Sweden reports that she has been raped by her husband every night for a year, that is counted as 365 separate offences; in most other countries this would be registered as a single offence, or would not be registered as an offence at all.

Sweden has made a conscious effort to encourage women to report any offence. Read more about the legal implications of the term ‘rape’ (in Swedish) here, and here. An increase in registered complaints does not mean an increase in cases of rape. It is only cases reported to the police and sent to the prosecutor. It speaks of “suspects”, not “culprits”. I highly doubt that statistics on the religious convictions of rapists exists.

It’s also misleading to compare the figures with other countries, as many acts that are considered rape under Swedish law are not considered rape in many other countries. 


Reporting sexual assault and rape rose by nearly a third since the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The increase was likely due to people coming forward about past incidents of abuse in the wake of the scandal that toppled the powerful Hollywood producer in October 2017. 

The allegations engulfing Weinstein triggered a deluge of accounts of sexual assault and harassment in France, with victims using the #Metoo or #balancetonporc hashtags to break their silence.

Anti-immigration activists abuse Sweden’s crime statistics to give it the false title of The rape capital of the Western world. They also apply the same deceptive techniques with France to give the false impression that we have now turned into an Islamic hellhole infested in high levels of crime by Muslim migrants. Anti-immigration activists cherry-pick data to make it appear as if there is a rape and murder epidemic, but the facts say otherwise.

Debunking Denialism has three excellent articles on ‘How Anti-Immigration Activists Misuse Rape Statistics’, and ‘How Anti-Immigration Activists Misuse Lethal Violence Statistics’, and ‘At Least 60% of Reported Shootings in Malmö are Not Actual Shootings’.

What about 67,000 crimes being committed by foreigners in Germany in 2015? According to German sources, the crime rate is lower among refugees than the regular population, and has seen the lowest number of criminal offences since 1992.

Crime statistics for 2017 showed the lowest level of crime in Germany in 25 years, according to figures released in May by the federal criminal office. Once someone else has spread the concepts of migrant crime, let them read Confusion over immigration and crime is roiling European politics.

I’m not sure if this site is worth any merit, but two Germans created a website to debunk rumors of crimes concerning Asylum seekers. The site is called Hoaxmap.

According to a situation report of the Federal Criminal Police Office, thefts and dodging are common, sexual offenses are very rare. You can read the article here

Asylum Seekers and refuges are not responsible for a disproportionate rise in crime in Germany, actually committing less than average in German society, police confirmed. The total number of crimes committed by them is somewhere in the “low six-digit area,” according to police documents seen by conservative newspaper Die Welt.

Most of the crimes committed by refugees are related to travelling on public transport without tickets or theft. Less than 1 percent of the total crimes committed by refugees are sex crimes, going against rumors spread on social media that these have become more common since the crisis. Asylum seekers from the Balkans are more likely to commit delinquency than any other.

Refugee crimes look a lot more interesting in the news so it is more high profile, but the statistics do not confirm this criminal Muslim refugee narrative at all. Rising populism in Europe, plus suspicion towards Muslims is pretty much the only reason this is a concern.


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