Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars Propaganda Against France

There is an anti-France sentiment being pumped out of the foreign language media, mainly from the U.S. Monstrous lies are being told, and many people are not able to question what the media is telling them because they do not understand the French language.

I will address the video below and you can decide if things are really as bad as the media makes you believe.

Watson stated, “The French Government is so terrified of the Yellow Vest Movement. They are debating new laws that would criminalise all unauthorised protests. Meaning, you would need Government permission to protest the Government.”

Firstly, how can France debate new laws that would criminalise all unauthorised protests when that law is already in effect? You need the authorisation from the local Town Hall or Prefecture:


All demonstrations on a public road (processions, parades, gatherings etc) must be the object of a declaration at least three days, and a maximum of fifteen, before the date of the event. This declaration must be made at the town hall or prefecture.  The terms are slightly different in Paris. The statement must be made at the police headquarters two months (three in case of a large crowd) before the event. Requests made later are accepted when an unforeseen event of national or international importance justifies it. The urgency must be duly motivated.

If a demonstration takes place without declaration then the gathering will be illegal. Unauthorised protests are punishable by law since 2002:


This is clearly stated in article 431-9 to 431-12 of the French Penal Code so it is not true that the French government are debating criminalising unauthorised protests as that law is already in effect.

Watson continues to note that The Yellow Vest organiser, Eric Drouet, was arrested for an undeclared protest. This is very misleading as his followers automatically assume that this law is not already in effect and the French Government really are cracking down on all unauthorised protests.

Eric was placed in custody and released the following Thursday afternoon. In a statement, the Paris prosecutor indicates that “a summons by judicial police officer was issued to him on February 15, 2019 at 9 am in front of the Chamber 24/1 of the Paris Criminal Court of the heads of organisation of a demonstration on the public road without authorisation, facts of December 22, 2018 and January 2, 2019 (article 431-9 of the penal code).”

According to the prosecutor, ” the investigations conducted both on the facts of December 22, 2018 and those of January 2, 2019 show that Eric Drouet was one of the organisers of the rallies “. On 22 December the driver was taken into custody for the organisation of a demonstration without a declaration, participation in a group to commit violence or degradation, and carrying a category D2 weapon. For the last two counts, he had already been summoned before the Criminal Court and placed under judicial control.

The organisation of a demonstration without prior declaration is punishable by six months’ imprisonment and a fine of €7,500, according to article 431-9 of the Penal Code. This is what Eric Drouet faced. Despite the summonses made by the head of the public order system of the Directorate of Public Order and Traffic, he remained on the public road. He was then arrested for organising an event without prior declaration.

It is possible to participate in an event that has not been declared without being legally pursued. The right to demonstrate is not enshrined in the Constitution, but it is contained in Article 10 of the Declaration of Human Rights of 1789, and Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Since the arrest of Eric Drouet, the debate on the right to protest has not wavered. It is possible to protest without declaring for a typical participant. For an organiser, the French law requires to declare (and not to ask permission) the event in advance .


The ‘masked’ Antifa rioter may not pose any real threat to authority, but under French law, anyone who voluntarily conceals their face so as not to be identified during public events risks a 1,500 euro fine it is illegal since 2011 to conceal ones face in public, article 2010-1192 of the Penal Code. This ban includes face-covering headgear like maskshelmetsbalaclavasniqabs and other veils covering the face in public places, except under specified circumstances.

Watson’s claim that a young woman with a baby in a push chair was arrested simply for wearing a yellow vest is also false.


“Woman dragged away from her baby merely for wearing a yellow vest. Meanwhile, France is considering a law that would make all protests without government permission illegal. Europe is sliding towards tyranny.”

Why was the woman arrested? She did not want to identify herself.

“A woman with a Maxi-Cosi with a doll inside was arrested because she did not want to give her identity, as she was walking near the procession of yellow vests in The Hague “, wrote the photographer Bob Van Keulen in his tweet.”

The woman caught the attention of police because she was walking with a doll in a stroller. They then approached her and wanted to check her identity, and when it turned out she could not, or did not want to show ID, she was arrested.


According to the law, everyone is required to present a piece of identification when asked by the police. It had nothing to do with the fact that she was wearing a yellow vest.


Many false things have been said these days about the  United Nations Global Compact on Migration, also known as the Marrakesh Pact, which has just been signed on December 10 at a UN summit in Marrakesh. 

First adopted in July by all the member countries of the UN – except the United States – this text, available here in French, lists principles (defense of human rights, children, recognition of the national sovereignty) and some 20 proposals to help countries cope with migration, by facilitating information, the integration of migrants and the exchange of expertise. This pact does not threaten the sovereignty of France, or the states. Point 7 of the text states that:

“The Marrakesh Pact is legally non-binding [and] reaffirms the sovereign right of states to define their national migration policies and their right to manage migration”. 

Signing this text does not imply a transfer of sovereignty to the United Nations and each country can decide who enters the territory, it does not change. This pact does not invent new rights to immigration. The 23 non-binding objectives that appear in the “Pact of Marrakesh” recalls fundamental rights that already exist.

The points contained in the pact are intended to help countries cope with migration, by facilitating information, the integration of migrants and the exchange of expertise. It prohibits arbitrary detentions, allowing arrests only as a last resort.

Did the France 3 Newspaper censor an anti-Macron sign?


So what really happened?

As for censoring the sign of the protester; It should also be noted that it was only an illustration photo present in the background on the board. Not to mention the “Macron resignation” heard several times during the news.

Images used in the background on the plasma of France 3 are chosen by an editor, and eventually cropped and edited by a graphic designer, or they choose another image entirely. There is an informal directive to avoid the broadcasting of certain expressions on air. The same goes for editorial choice of the channel not to relay too many images of violence during the demonstrations, or they can be accused of “complacency towards physical violence”. This is nothing new to France.

Unlike Australia, the UK and the U.S, France, especially the media, is very big on teaching, showing and modelling respectful behaviour. Using profanities, or insults, or anything else that could cause an offense, on air or among society as a whole, is strictly discouraged. Which is why there is often complaints from tourists, and cultural misunderstandings regarding the French. The French are very polite and well spoken. They will refuse to serve you if they believe you are being rude or abusive.

France3 also added a “Macron Dégage” in its newscast of November 23:

Paul Joseph Watson invents, reinterprets, or manipulates, whether in writing or misappropriation of images that have been blown out of context to demonise France. Infowars is nothing but exaggerated propaganda which is based upon small grains of truth as they are controlled-opposition.

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