The Top 15 Fake News Stories on the Migrant Crisis and Muslims

As the globalists are drawing us closer to World War III, various blogs, Facebook pages and media personalities, namely in the US, are currently describing civil war-like conditions in France and Sweden. Germany is also supposed to be affected.

Every day, raids, attacks or murders happen in our country. That is a statistical reality, but if a case fits in with a political narrative, it is exploited by a group.

Not many people are able to question what the media is telling them because they do not understand the language, nor do they bother to fact check, simply because they are too lazy. Pictures and videos are shown, which are deliberately published with a completely wrong description, in the hopes that you will share the hoax.

By showing a false video, or image which was filmed in Egypt and telling you it was filmed in Palestine, and knowing you are too lazy to check it is how you get fooled.

I have already debunked several fake photos and videos shared by right-wing extremists. Sadly, these kind of fake events are becoming more and more common. They do not care about harming the credibility or reputation of a person or company in the process. If you slip up and spread the hoax, all the better for them.

These kinds of reports reaffirm the attitudes of those who have always held the view that all Muslims and refugees are dangerous. Let me go through the top 15 fake news stories that were shared hundreds and thousands of times on social media, and are still being shared, hundreds and thousands of times.



It was widely shared in six different countries (GermanyGreeceItaly, the Netherlandsthe United Kingdom and France).

Of the 16 women pictured, none are actually German, nor were they assaulted in Germany, according to the Austrian fact-checking website Mimikama, which tracked down the original sources of the photos.

Most of these photos actually came from the United Kingdom or the United States. The women shown were victims of domestic violence, police violence or random attacks. A couple of the photos do not show victims of attacks at all, but women who are wearing stage or costume make-up. The photo on the far-right of the third line actually shows a British man who was attacked in his home in 2014.

[1] Chilling video shows mother of two screaming in horror as police officers ‘break her cheekbone during violent DUI arrest’ [2] Brutal beating of Sheaves Cove woman sparks fear, retaliation [3] Hinds Firefighter Jailed for Domestic Violence [4] Battered by boyfriend… then denied treatment on the NHS: Mother left to pay for private operation that costs £5,500 [5] Nanna og Mads overfaldet julenat: Vi er ikke racister [6] ‘I’m watching you’: Man’s threatening text messages before ‘punching a young woman in the face three times’ ordered to stay behind bars [7] A YOUNG woman was brutally attacked for being English – by a hate-filled Scot who heard her accent. [8] Mother, 24, beaten black and blue by woman drinker ‘who was jealous after seeing her produce wad of cash to pay for drinks’ [9] Danielle Lloyd urged to quit nightclub scene after nearly losing a leg in vicious attack [10] Jean murder police hunt for evil brute who battered woman [11] Actress Shawna Lenee in character and prosthetic makeup for the film Half Moon, in which she played a dead prostitute. The exact scene from the movie, in which you can see her with the bloody nose, can be found here (CAUTION!!! Nudity scene) [12] Lecturer beaten to a pulp by four burglars meets man who attacked him – and shakes his hand [13] Shocking injuries of woman ‘punched in face after telling man to stop groping her’ at Notting Hill Carnival [14] Woman ‘pounced on’ and knocked unconscious in savage attack by up to 10 men in Grecian Crescent, Great Lever [15] Cowards: Shocking image shows 70-year-old woman’s horrific injuries after she’s attacked on canal path [16] Body building forum and also in pregnant woman brutality beaten, but that is not correct as the photo was first found in 2011.


The last “beaten woman” by migrants seen in this montage, #16, has now been used in a January 19, 2019 Facebook post against Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison:


Abuse of women is unacceptable and unfortunately exists in all countries, as seen above, and coming from men and women of all religions and skin colour. The abuse does not only come from migrants and Muslims as they want to make you believe, just look around and you will see the truth for yourself.



It is given such headings as “Anti-Christian persecutions in the Middle East,” and “Christian girl killed for refusing to convert to Islam”. It is perhaps the most famous propaganda and the second most widespread individual image on the anti-Islam front.

And it has to be explained an unbelievable amount of times over the past few years, that it is from a gore-horror film, Inner Depravity, made in 2006 and directed by Remy Couture.



The buried person pictured here is a 66-year-old Colombian woman named Maria Gabriela Ruiz, one of three people who voluntarily remained buried up to their necks in the ground for days on end in July 2003, as a protest over the government’s failure to relocate 150 displaced persons to a safer part of the city of Cali.

Multiple news coverage photographs documented the protest, with the picture shown above being captioned as follows:

Colombian Maria Gabriela Ruiz, 66, is aided by a woman while she lies buried in the ground up to her neck along with Olmedo Gomez, 42, and Nicolas Salazar, 32, during a protest in a popular sector of Cali, July 4, 2003. Three people, two men and a woman, buried themselves three days ago in protest against the government because 150 displaced persons have not been relocated to a safe sector of Cali.



Here is the source shared by an Israeli on YouTube:

Here is the link to the original source, as well as here.

Let’s start with the fact that the video shows the logo of the Egyptian newspaper Elbadil and not that of any supposedly Israeli Web TV channel. They want the world to think that all the Palestinians they killed are not really dead. This is one way to accuse the Palestinians of producing propaganda against Israel. Except this video has nothing to do with Gaza. The original video was published in November 2013 on Youtube by an Egyptian newspaper. This is not Hamas “staging” Palestinian casualties in the Gaza Strip.

This video was taken in a college in Cairo, they are protesters doing a die in. They are speaking in Egyptian Arabic. The video is about a protest rally that was organised by students at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, on October 28, 2013. They were protesting against the repression of the army, which came to power after overthrowing President Mohamed Morsi.

Even the photo this uploader used to depict Palestinians staging casualties is not even based in Palestine. It was in Fallujah, Iraq. Read the full article here: ISIS Uses Chicken Blood To Stage Fake Photographs.

The only fake news is the post that said it was Palestinian fake news. So someone wants you to think Palestinians are trying to con you and reduce support for the Palestinians. That is manipulation, that is the fake news, not the video, but the post. People are actually dying in this bloody conflict, people caught in the middle of this, and you are being told “No, these Arabs are making it up” by means of fake news Posts.


This picture was taken in Bahrain 2009. It is a mock Israeli checkpoint:


It is not Palestinians faking Israeli aggression:


The IDF may not use AK-47, but the Galil is a family of Israeli small arms. They will stop at nothing to stage, pretend and exaggerate the numbers of casualties on their side before the media, and have no concern for who they murder.

Here is a mock Israeli checkpoint at Columbia University:

This strategy is used by world-wide Zionist supporters to ensure that they gain the sympathy of most foreign leaders, public readers and listeners of the arguments put forward to defend the indefensible genocidal actions continually committed by the state of Israel.



Fake news site ‘Geller Report’ claimed that France has now legalised pedophilia. This was a deliberate manipulation of French law to deceive the ignorant American public. I debunked this in my article ‘Pamela Geller and her Far-Right Fallacy‘.



Parents of Muslim students demand the removal of pork in the canteens of the schools in certain districts across France. The Mayors refused, and the communal secretary sent a note to all parents to explain that Muslims need to understand that they have to adapt to France, its customs, its traditions, its way of life, since that is where they chose to immigrate. So that they understand that they have to integrate and learn to live well in France.

They want you to believe that pork meat has become a forbidden meat in French canteens, which is quite false. It is a far-right propaganda aimed at spreading hate once more and reap the sympathy of the French break with the left in power.

There is no ban on pork, and no Muslim association has ever claimed a ban on pork meat in canteens. There are canteens where this meat has been removed, but the religious cause is not the motivation.

Excellent articles explaining the manipulation:

[1] Message from the school canteen at Antibes [2] Secularity at school: the scam of Marine Le Pen on the canteens [3] Menu without pork in the canteen: the false controversy of Marine Le Pen [4] Prohibition of pork dishes in canteens [5] Non, Mélenchon ne veut pas « interdire le porc dans les cantines scolaires [6] Guerre des pétitions à droite autour des menus alternatifs dans les cantines scolaires.

Sharing these hoaxes will do nothing other than foster bigotry and hatred against Muslim members of the community. Which is their goal anyway.



An article written by Gatestone Institute claimed that the French ‘Gendarmerie’, are France’s new sharia police. Again, this is aimed to deceive the American public. This has already been debunked in my article here. Only the most naive would believe such a story, in all honesty.


“Throughout Europe, there are serious riots and acts of violence by illegal male refugees! France is as good as lost ….”


Firstly, that is not even a French police car. In Poland in 2014, a man was gunned down by the police.  The police were called because the man was armed with a hammer and an ax, rioted in the street. The 48-year-old Pole was allegedly in psychological treatment. Source: Huffington Post and



These images do not come from Sweden, nor are they Muslim refugees, but Chilean students:

“On Thursday, 09 June 2016 a student protest march was held in the capital, Santiago de Chile, which led to riots. a group of masked participants broke into a church and stole a statue of Christ, which they later destroyed in the street.”

The proof in video:

Credit: Hoax-net


The video allegedly shows “Muslims destroying the graves of a British cemetery”. This video, appeared on social networks, and was shared more than 26,000 times on a Facebook post in June 2018, yet this dates from March 2012.


This did not happen in England, but in Libya. The video was taken when a group of rebels attacked two World War II cemeteries in Benghazi, Libya. A report from the BBC noted that the group seen in the video, which targets Muslim shrines, as well as the gravestones of Jewish and Christian soldiers, were Islamic militants known as Salafists. According to an article of March 4, 2012,, supporters of a radical Islam who have destroyed the graves of Muslim saints since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, believe that their worship belongs to paganism.

In an article by “ “, dating March 5, 2012, this video was recorded by one of the attackers, in reaction to the episode of Qur’ans being burned by US soldiers in Afghanistan the previous month. According to Mr. Browne, the Secretary of State at the Foreign Office, the attacks were not aimed specifically at Britain or Christians.

Among the 1,214 Commonwealth fighters buried in the Benghazi War Cemetery are some 850 British, but also Indian, South African, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand soldiers. Several cemeteries in Libya are home to the graves of “desert fighters” enlisted by General Montgomery against the German “Desert Fox” army, Erwin Rommel.

Muslim graves in the same cemetery had also been desecrated, proof that the destruction of these tombs did not specifically target non-Muslim tombs.

Source: Al Jazeera.



The Huffington Post investigated the images and they found that Britain Firsta nationalist party in Britain, first published the photo of school students in a yoga pose named ‘balasana’, or ‘child’s pose‘, yet demonstrated that the students were being forced to pray the Muslim prayers in a British school.



The photos were taken in 2016 inside a kindergarten in Elazığ, Turkey. It was a school party that had nothing to do with a wedding and child brides:

Turkish law requires a person(s) to be the age of eighteen before they can legally marry. However, under special circumstances men and women at the age of sixteen years can get married with the permission of their parents, legal guardians or the relevant court. You can also refer to my recent article “Does the Qur’an and Islam Really Permit Child Marriage and Pedophilia?”

If we compare the minimum age for access to marriage in Turkey, it would still be higher than many countries of the European Union, which is 15-16 years old.



This was a protest in South Africa, in the province of KwaZulu:

Sources: Here, and here.



Pallywood is a new term coined by Israelis to suggest Palestinians are faking civilian casualties and distributing propaganda in the media against Israel in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The video can be viewed here.

This is a recording of a documentary filmed on the Greek island of Crete. The film director and producer Eleni Vlassi and the cameraman George Mpalothiaris, can be seen, and who produced the movie “The Land of the Painful Virgin Mary” there. It is about Greek refugees from 1922 who came to Crete from Anatolia. The film was shot in Crete and Ierapetra in 2017 and 2018.

You can find more fake news and media manipulation techniques used to spread animosity and hatred against Migrants and Muslims in many of my articles on the homepage. You can also try and check the authenticity of an image by using a free reverse image search tool such as TinEye.

There are many instances where an event involving Muslims and migrants did happen, however, in many cases, credible media outlets are not reporting on these events, simply because the event did not take place, or they did report on it, but took a few days to pick up on the event. It is not because they want to hide the truth from the public to appease Muslims. When they do report it, it is normally taken out of its original context for clickbait and to scaremonger, as the elite wants to trick us into fighting more bogus wars in the Middle East based on lies and deceit.

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