Migrant Crime Wave: The EU Cover-Up Revealed, Refuted (Part 3)

There are many reasons why people oppose the reception of asylum seekers but only a few are sound and logical.

The main reason is because of the fear and disinformation the media spreads which can then accumulate to a very dangerous world view.

I am not suggesting that everyone should start supporting claims of asylum, not at all. It is simply to teach the lies and manipulation of the mainstream media. 

Since editing a photo is a fairly complicated process, they resort to a far simpler method. They take an older image out of its original context and link it to a recent news story.

Many are simply taken in one country and published as if they were depicting an event taking place in another. This is how they exaggerate the migrant crisis. Here is a good example:


This facebook user wants you to believe that these are a recent wave of migrants in Calais, 2019, as you can see Axel made reference to the Yellow Vest Movement (gilets jaunes) which  emerged the same month as his post. It actually dates back to 2015 and confirmed by Le Parisien

image-214 (1).png

This was a riot at a 2011 neo-Nazi march. There are a number of press and police reports as well as a video which can be assigned to the riots found in these articles here, here, and here.

This is how the far-right manipulates and exploits the migrant crisis for their own political gain because their supporters are generally quite gullible.

Let’s now get to the main subject at hand. According to Janice Atkinson:


Which completely contradicts her statement about Europe only accepting Muslim migrants:


Atkinson has often sourced Gatestone Institute in her book, who themselves write many misleading or completely fabricated articles like France having over 1,500 no-go zones and the Gendarmerie are actually France’s new sharia police

Two questions which are often raised is why are they only young single men? and why don’t they stay to fight for their land? Many people have  become suspicious. 

These questions can only be asked by those who don’t really know what is happening in Iraq and Syria. Terrorists are committing war crimes such as torture and using chemical weapons on the civilian population.

Asylum seekers are not able to bring family members until after they receive asylum. When they are granted asylum, they can then bring qualifying children and spouse or partner.  Applications are judged on a case-by-case basis.

The family reunion policy allows a spouse or partner and children under the age of 18 of those granted refugee status or humanitarian protection to reunite with them. The sponsor is the individual who has refugee status or humanitarian protection.

The journey is very expensive, extremely dangerous and uncertain. Who would you send first if they can only travel alone? The wife? A small child? One of the grandparents?

The most logical decision is to send an adult son or the father. They have the best chance of survival on the route to Europe. 

The threat in a war zone is actually greatest for young men. The terrorists usually spare women and the elderly. The men are given the choice to either fight for them or die. For this reason, men of military age are at particular risk of civilian casualties in this war and reiterate the need for them to flee if they do not want to die.

It should be clear that this all contributes to an overall picture of people who are not really fleeing war zones, they are actually soldiers of Allah sent to take over the west:


We tend to only consume media that confirms our own views. Please question every message and the true intentions of those behind such a page or organisation.

The greatest fear they have, is the fear that one day the masses will recover their freedom to think and when they do, they will recognise who the real oppressors are in today’s world.

They will find that the oppressors use television and social media as the greatest weapon with which to corrupt and disable the minds capacity to think.

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