France, the Yellow Vests, Fake News and Media Sensationalism – Part 2

I am seeing this raised all across foreign-language media: “Why is the Mainstream media not reporting on the yellow vest movement? Because there is a media blackout!”

It’s a manipulation tactic to try provoke global uprisings by making out the yellow vest protests to be much bigger than what the media is trying to hide since the elite are preparing us for more wars to come in the Middle East.

Was the British media handed a D-Notice?


This was an anonymous messsage posted on the reddit discussion forum, and it was retweeted 492 times. That’s the only legitimate ‘proof’ of the British government banning the BBC from talking about the yellow vest movement, or even mentioning the words “France” and “French” on the homepage of its site, yet people still foolishly believed it.

That’s why the BBC has a complete file containing no less than 70 articles since the beginning of the movement. On December 8 2018, five days after the annoymous message was posted on reddit, the BBC was live from the Champs-Élysées to follow the fourth day of mobilisation of yellow vests, which completely exposes the annonymous message as a fake:

The words “France” and “French” also appeared on December 8, with the article “Hundreds of people arrested in the French demonstrations” posted at the very top of the home page. CNN has reported on it as well as ITVFox News, and Sky News. The protests are only held once a week on a Saturday which is why there isn’t a large media attraction with heavy coverage.

This protester was allegedly shot in the face with a grenade during the 10th week of protests in Toulouse:


He did not receive a grenade to his face because his name is really Ty Greer, and lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. He smoked an electronic cigarette which exploded in his face in 2016.


This photo is actually from May 2016, therefore, nothing to do with Macron.

This video dates back to 2014, but the yellow vests knew very well that many of the gullible people supporting them would think this happened at their recent protest:


They are desperately trying to create a media storm.

This list of claims has remained anonymous and only represents its author.

This event was actually a student demonstration against the government in Cagliari, Italy on 19 October 2018. Here is the original article. Credit goes to AFP factuel.


The only honest thing about this page is its name. This map has nothing to do with the yellow vest movement at all since it’s a website that keeps track of road incidences. Italy, Monaco, and Switzerland are also separate countries in Europe, and not regions in France. Evidence below:


The protesters can control the weather now?


Police officers were photographed in possession of hammers on Saturday, January 26, 2019 during the yellow vests demonstrations in Lyon and Nantes. Police told the media that they had just been confiscated from a protester after he was arrested for attempting to hit police with it shortly before 5pm. He was placed in custody then tried in immediate appearance at the TGI Nantes”.

As you clearly see in this video, the plain clothed policeman (BAC) comes in and recovers two weapons. The first was a hammer at the very begging of the video:


The second appears to be some sort of baton:

Evidence 1.png

Hammers, gas masks, petanque balls, baseball bat, a knife, balloons, construction helmets, paintballs, and a fire extinguisher were seized by the police from the boot/trunk of several vehicles during checks carried out at road tolls in Ile-de-France, Saturday, December 8.

These photos come from the police headquarters which sent them to several media, including Franceinfo.

Did a group of French police officers remove their helmets to show solidarity with the French people against President Macron? No.


This video was broadcasted on Twitter, then shared tens of thousands of times with over 2.2 million views.

The scene took place on rue Saint-Louis in Pau and was shot by freelance photographer Quentin Top. It shows police officers of the national police – not CRS, as indicated – removing their helmets, while Yellow Vests start singing Marseillaise (the French national anthem) before applauding.

According to Top, who covered the event for the daily newspaper Sud Ouest, the police responded to a negotiation with the yellow vests. Here is the exchange via automatic page translation between a reporter for BFMTV and Quentin Top on a Twitter thread:


La République des Pyrénées also covered the event and filmed the entire scene in a live broadcast on their Facebook page (view on YouTube). A yellow vest is clearly heard explaining to the other demonstrators: ” Guys, guys! They are ready to take off their helmets, but on one condition. Listen to me! As soon as they remove the helmets, we sing the Marseillaise, we dissipate and we go away.”


This incident happened on April 22 – 23, 2014, when Macron was not President. The sketch is from their January 19, 2019 trial.


Neither image is related to the yellow vest movement, nor with each other. The photo of the dog is from a 19 November 2017 article about two dogs who wear neon vests that allow them to be seen by motorists. Which is a trend that comes from Barcelona. The injured policeman is taken from this 3 May 2016 tweet.


Why was there a sniper? Since the 2015 terrorist attack, this type of measure is relatively common to secure sensitive events, as explained by Southwest in August 2018. You can see snipers present during the Cannes Film Festival on May 15, 2018, the Pride March in Paris On August 21, 2016, the Béziers Fair on the August 10, 2016 as France Info noted, and during the Rolling Stones concert in Paris in October 2017.


Photo N °1 is from 26 May, 2016 protests in France. Photo N °2 is from the October 9 protests against Macron. Photo N°3 is from 2016 in France. Photo N °5 was in Madrid on July 11, 2012. Photo N °6 was taken during the illegal vote for the independence of Catalonia. The photo had also been retouched to add a little more blood on the face for more impact on social networks. Credit Hoax-net


This photo is from 1 February 2014, and was taken during a demonstration of cross-border workers in Saint-Louis (Haut-Rhin).


You can find the original video on the Youtube account of LinePress agency. The video was shot by reporter Stéphanie Roy. She had told CheckNews that she had heard a policeman say, ” There’s a guy on the floor.” This is one of the only exchanges that can be clearly heard. The Loopsider media understands: “They know it’s you. They know it’s us. It’s dead. It’s dead.”

By filtering the background noise, click to listen, here is CheckNews interpretation of the exchange:

” Unknown voice: firefighters! / «Voix inconnue : les pompiers !

– A policeman: call them, we can not. Call them. / – Un policier : appelez-les vous, nous on peut pas. Appelez-les.

[Inaudible words] / [Propos inaudibles]

– A policeman: do the 18 / – Un policier : faites le 18

– A policeman: do the 15th / – Un policier : faites le 15

[Inaudible words] / [Propos inaudibles]

– Unknown voice: he bleeds » / – Voix inconnue: il saigne»

Whether CheckNews or that of Loopsider, both based on a video of better quality, there is nothing to indicate that a police officer asked to “pick up the casings”, nor did he say the words: “They don’t know that it’s us.”

Who would have guessed the Yellow Vests Movement would be riddled with fake news?

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