False Rumors About Attacks on Christianity Are Multiplying On The Internet

I have decided to write this article in response to the fake news circulating on social media about the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Many false rumors about persecuted Christians are multiplying on the Internet from manipulated photos and data. This false information is aimed at raising funds (scammers) or provoking anti-Muslim sentiments.

The video of a person shouting “allahu akbar” while the Notre Dame burns is fake.


Screenshot: Buzzfeed

The video was edited to include a man shouting “Allahu Akbar”. The original can be found on YouTube, where the calls “Allahu Akbar” in the above notre dame fire video originates from.

The following image is a still shot from a recording during the live TV broadcast of the fire on the Spanish audiovisual group RTVE. The man evidently wears a long, light garment and something bright on his head. Many Facebook users agree that it has to be a Muslim with a turban. It is suppose to show someone suspicious on the scaffolding surrounding the spire. The blurry pale shot quickly lead to false interpretations. The original video can be seen on Youtube.

The image has been brightened up for better recognition:


The same scene with the man walking on the south tower is visible in the 42nd minute of this video. In the moments that follow, you see another person arrive, wearing firefighter equipment, a helmet and oxygen bottle on their back (42’50). He also seems to unroll a hose just before another man arrives. 

This ‘suspicious’ man is a French firefighter, the commander of the relief operations (Commandant opérations secours), wearing a yellow safety vest and helmet, not a turban. In the photo on the left (March 2018), the yellow vest is identical (to the video) in this picture (on the right) taken yesterday morning in front of Notre-Dame.

It was also confirmed by the Paris fire brigade: “He wears a yellow vest as the chief of rescue operations that distinguishes him from other firefighters” BSPP said.

Anything said by far-right conspiracy theorists should also be taken with a grain of salt.


As Buzzfeed stated: “During the Notre Dame fire, the laughing face emojis were clearly in the minority and it is impossible to know why people chose a specific emoji, or the religion of people reacting to a Facebook video. It is also difficult to verify the authenticity of the accounts. Bottom line: Facebook emojis on a video do not tell us anything about a group of people.”

This post is to subtly imply 875 attacks on churches were committed by Muslims in France, even if the word ‘Muslim’ was not mentioned, it was his intention.

In an article by Liberation: “Contrary to the suggestion of Paul Joseph Watson, who denounces the silence of the media on these figures, the Figaro has revealed them. Refer to my updated article that debunks Watson’s claim. You can also find my other rebuttals to his fake news stories about Muslims and France, as well as the Yellow Vests, in my articles, here and here, and here. Watson is notorious for taking small grains of truth and twisting the facts for his own globalist divide and conquer agenda.

A video has been circulating online since 16 March, accompanied by a commentary in several languages, ​​suggesting that Pakistani Muslims burned down a Christian place of worship in response to the attack in New Zealand.


This was an attack of St. George’s Church, Sohag, in the Nile Valley, Egypt. This video is from August 2013 and can be found on the YouTube Mideast Christian Church channel. Further proof that it was not in retaliation of the recent attack in New Zealand. NGO Human Rights Watch published a report on it.

This is not the massacre of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria.

This photo was taken from a series of photos after the explosion of a tanker truck in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Anti-Islam blogger Pamela Geller recovered the photos to pass them off as the result of the clashes in Nigeria which was supposed to denounce the post-election violence in April 2011 between Christians and Muslims. 


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