Refuting Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch

I have been requested to give my opinion on Robert Spencer and his site called Jihad Watch. I have already written a few articles and a rebuttal to one of his books. He is a regular anti-Islam critic along with Pamela Geller who I have also discussed on this blog.

Spencer’s knowledge on Islam is actually quite poor. It’s poor in the sense that he is only paid to deliberately misinterpret the Qur’an to mislead his followers. I have gone through most of his website, and I will raise some points below.


ISLAM 101.png


There is no cancellation or abrogation of any of the verses in the Qur’an.

While it is true that Allah has sometimes changed the old law and replaced it with a new law for a new religious community, the new law never differed from the old law. Rather, the new law was either similar or better than the old law:

We do not abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten except that We bring forth [one] better than it or similar to it. Do you not know that Allah is over all things competent? [Qur’an, 2:106]

It refers to cancellation of revealed laws in previous scriptures, and did not imply that any verse of the Qur’an was ever abrogated, cancelled or forgotten. 

ISLAM 101.png

The original source comes from Pamela Geller, a Zionist and anti-Islam blogger. I have already written articles exposing her fake news stories about France and French Muslims. The only other places to find this report are on Jewish news websites and the only other hit for this incident is a link to donations. I cannot even find a police report for it, so I am going to assume that it is another fake story.

If you don’t believe there are fake news stories about Muslims in the media, then The Top 15 Fake News Stories on the Migrant Crisis and Muslims is the perfect article for you.

ISLAM 101.png

Zionist agents promote other Zionist agents. My article on Imam Tawhidi is a must read for anybody questioning why he has no support from the Muslim community, and why we keep calling him out as a fake.

Moving on, Spencer describes how the Qur’an permits child brides and paedophilia:


Does Islam really permit child marriage and pedophilia? – No. However, unfortunately some Muslims in complete ignorance of the Qur’an actually defend and support this point of view.


If it was not for the Israel lobby’s ability to manipulate the American political system, the relationship between Israel and the United States would be far less intimate than it is today.

In addition to influencing government policy directly, pro-Israel forces strive to shape public perceptions about Israel and the Middle East. They work hard to influence the media, because it is critical in shaping popular opinion. They do not want an open debate on issues involving Israel because an open debate might cause Americans to question the level of support they currently provide.

Pro‐Israel forces have long been interested in getting the U.S. military more directly involved in the Middle East so it could help protect Israel. It is not surprising that Israel and its American supporters want the United States to deal with any threats to Israel’s security.

The media portrays Israel as a country that has sought peace at every turn and showed great restraint even when provoked. In terms of actual behavior, Israel’s conduct is not morally distinguishable from the actions of its opponents.


The myth of French no-go zones for non-Muslims was started by Fox News and then picked up by Pamela Geller. You can read my rebuttal here and here.

The link in the article by Jihad watch takes the reader to another article by Voice of Europe which shows a YouTube screenshot of Muslims praying on the street as proof of the Islamisation of France. What is the real reason behind Muslims praying on the street? They were protesting the closure of a local prayer hall in the form of a street prayer, which is perfectly legal in France. Catholics have also protested the closure of churches in the form of street prayers.

There are no religious courts in France, and no sharia council. The same laws apply everywhere in France, to everyone. This then brings us to the next article:


In France, kafala cases concern Algerian or Moroccan children. Islamic law does not recognise the adoption with affiliation, as provided by French law; except in the case of Turkey, Indonesia and Tunisia, which allow it according to the legal effects of the legal collection in France.

The kafala (or legal collection) validated by a judicial or notarial authority of the country of origin of the child, acts as the voluntary support by a person (the kafil) of a minor child. The kafil then undertakes to take care of the child and provide for its maintenance and education until it reaches the age of majority.

This “legal collection” is also considered by the family allowance fund, which gives entitlement to the family support allowance. Secularism plays no role here because it is recognised by the International convention on the right of the child/law of foreign countries in Article 20.

The kafala must have an official document confirming that the child (born abroad) is not a natural parent of the child, is in the possession of the child, and has rights in matters of parental authority. A Kafala is just legal guardianship of minors in Islamic law, an adoption without filiation. 



Arabic is already taught at school, whether at primary, college, or high school. Nothing prevents students from choosing to learn Arabic, as well as English, Chinese, German, Hebrew or Russian etc, as a modern language. 

According to figures sent by the Ministry of Education, only 567 primary school children have learned Arabic at school during the 2017/2018 school year. In secondary school, there were 11,200 out of more than 5.5 million students (0.2% of students).

Teaching a foreign modern language (LV1) is compulsory in primary school from Grade one, where Arabic is an option.

It is truly sad to think that someone is so fearful of Islam that they abandon rational thought. They listen to and believe all the things Robert Spencer has to say without question.


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