The Middle East Fears of Conspiracy

The Middle East Forum published an article by Daniel Pipes titled: The Saga of “Hempher,” Purported British Spy.

[Author’s note: The following account was written in the context of a book about conspiracy theories; therefore, I did not need to state what needs to be stated here, namely that the Oliver Hempher story is utter nonsense. DP]

Daniel Pipes is the president of the Middle East Forum, and publisher of its Middle East Quarterly journal. He is Jewish, and his writing focuses on American foreign policy and the Middle East.

A counter-argument should be expressed thoroughly, fairly and objectively, which is why I go quite in depth when discussing a particular subject. Daniel Pipes can’t just make the assumption that the book is based on “utter nonsense”, and then consider it case closed. Doesn’t that weaken his argument? He did not give any reason why he holds that opinion, only that it is a “conspiracy”, as he knows people will then immediately dismiss it as propaganda. A few sentences or even a whole paragraph would have been sufficient to give to the counter-argument.

My goal is to provide thought provoking analysis of the Middle East conflict and better understanding of Islam. I cover a wide variety of topics, not with all of which you would agree, including Muslims. The problem is that people listen to propaganda and are brainwashed by lies and then they have no idea what is going on except that they are filled with lies and falsehoods and misrepresentations and distortion of history and religion, especially in regards to Islam and Muslims.

The book at the center of the controversy is:


I have already discussed this book in several of my previous articles, and offered the opinion that it seemed to outline the plan for creating and establishing the State of Israel in the Holy Land and the ongoing plan of dramatically expanding Israel’s borders, which could explain why he was quick to discredit it as “utter nonsense”, since he is a Zionist Jew. If you would like to read the  book, you can download it for free, here.

The following are excerpts with some details omitted from the original points outlined, as I only wish to outline those of significant importance.

“When Islam was established, the hegemony of the priests, as in the dark Ages, was abolished. The British founded missionary organisations to annihilate Islam. A ministry of the Commonwealth was established in London with a view to fighting against Islam. Hempher, only one of the thousands of male and female agents employed and sent forth to all countries (including Western) by this ministry, entrapped a person named Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism.

British missionaries were assigned the task of carrying on espionage activities in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Hijaz and in Istanbul, the center of the (Islamic) caliphate, misleading Muslims and serving Christianity, by means of the Ministry of British Commonwealth of Nations.”

British Imperial policy often involved the creation of deviant sects in its colonies, in order to divide and conquer. Hempher was responsible for shaping the extreme tenets of Wahhabism, as his mission for his government, was to discover ways to undermine the Ottoman Empire.

The British hoped to pit the Arabs and Turks against each other. The only way to do so was to find a loophole in Islamic law whereby the Arabs could declare the Turks as apostates. Abd al-Wahhab was the instrumental tool by which the British were able to insinuate this idea into the Muslims of the Arabian Peninsula.

Hempher said two things were of importance:

  1.  To try to retake the places they lost throughout the centuries.
  2. To try to take possession of those places we have not obtained yet.

The British insidiously put their treacherous plans into practice and deceived statesmen, inflicted unimaginably bitter torments on Muslims, and destroyed the Indian and the Ottoman States (which helped pave the way for the eventual creation and establishment of the State of Israel).

The Ministry of the Commonwealth assigned a commission from each of the colonies for the execution of these two tasks. They were designing long term plans to wage discord, ignorance, poverty, and even diseases in these countries. They were imitating the customs and traditions of these countries, thus easily concealing their intentions.

In order to obtain authority, they had to take possession of all sorts of media, try all possible methods. Trying to spread Christianity among Muslims and make them abandon their faith and bringing them round to belief (Christianising them) like in Spain, were discussed in these memoires. The following are the talks that were held in that conference. Hemphers, mission comprised of these two tasks:

  1. To discover Muslims’ weak points. Indeed, this is the way to beat the enemy.
  2. To use these vulnerable spots to sow discord among Muslims and set them at loggerheads with one another.

Only by means of such instigations would they have been able to demolish the Ottoman Empire. Otherwise, how could a nation with a small population bring another nation with a greater population under its sway? Therefore, his first duty was to instigate the people against the administration. They infiltrated spies into Al-Az-har, Istanbul, Najaf, and Karbala. They opened schools and colleges for estranging Muslims from scholars. In these schools they educated Byzantine, Greek and Armenian children and brought them up as the enemies of Muslims.

It was said “History has shown that “The source of all sorts of revolutions is public rebellions (also read my article: Why I Don’t Support the Yellow Vests and the Anti-war Activists Propaganda Against France. When the unity of Muslims is broken and the common sympathy among them is impaired, their forces will be dissolved and thus we shall easily destroy them.”

The book recommended to vitiate Muslims’ staunch spots and to popularise their weaknesses, and it prescribed the methods for accomplishing this:

  1. Establish controversies by inducing animosity among disputing groups (e.g., Sunni vs Shia), inoculating mistrust, and by publishing literature to further incite controversies.
  2. Train and educate vicious leaders and cruel commanders in Muslim countries, bring them into power and thus to pass laws prohibiting obedience to the Shari’at (religious injunctions). We should trick Muslims into electing their leaders from among non-Muslims. For doing this, we should disguise some of our agents as Islamic authorities and bring them into high positions so that they may execute our wishes.
  3. Delete death penalty for homicide from the penal code. Hinder the administration in punishing highwaymen and robbers. Make sure that travelling is unsafe by supporting and arming them.
  4. Economic decline is a natural consequence of the injurious activities advised so far. We can add to the atrophy by rotting the crops, sinking the trade ships, setting fire to the market places, destroying dams and barrages and thus leaving agricultural areas and industrial centers under water, and finally by contaminating their networks of drinking water.
  5. Accustom statesmen to such indulgences as sex, sports, alcohol, gambling, corruption which cause sedition and intriguing, and spending the State property for their personal advantages. Encourage the civil servants to do things of this sort and reward those who serve us in this way.
  6. Spread false charges of atrocity against scholars, cast sordid aspersions against them and thus alienate Muslims from them. We shall disguise some of our spies as them.
  7. Dirtiness is the result of lack of water. Therefore, we must deter the increasing of the water supplies under various schemes.
  8. In order to spread the calumniation that Islam abhors womankind, we shall quote the verse, “Men are dominant over women,” [Qur’an, 4:34] and the hadith, “The woman is an evil altogether.”

The book advised the following steps for destroying Muslims’ strongholds:

  1. The following vices must be done secretly or publicly: Alcoholic spirits, gambling, fornication, pork, [and fights among sports clubs.] Non-Muslims living in the countries concerned will be used for this purpose. A tremendous army of people of this sort is on requisition for the realization of this goal. Narcotics and alcoholic spirits must be made common.
  2. Sow suspicion among them concerning Jihad; convince them that Jihad was a temporary commandment and that it has been outdated.
  3. Insert heresies into Muslims’ credal tenets and then criticize Islam for being a religion of terror.
  4. Provoke the womenfolk to get rid of their traditional covers (i.e., hijab etc). Fabricate such falsifications as “Covering is not a genuine Islamic commandment. After stripping
    the woman of her traditional cover, tempt the youth towards her and cause indecencies between them! This is a very effective method for annihilating Islam.
  5. In order to impede Muslims from increasing in number, births must be limited and polygamy must be prohibited.
  6. Make sure to stop Islamic propagations and conversions to Islam.
  7. Pious institutions must be restricted and confined to the State monopoly, to the extent that individuals must be unable to establish madrasas or other similar pious institutions.
  8. Arouse doubts as to the authenticity of the Qur’an in Muslims’ minds; publish Koranic translations containing excisions, additions, and interpolations, and then say, “The Qur’an has been defiled. Its copies are incongruous. A verse one of them contains does not exist in another.” Excise the verses insulting Jews, Christians and all other non-Muslims and those commanding Jihad. Likewise, Muslims will be made to feel doubts about hadiths. The translations, criticisms and interpolations planned for the Qur’an should be applied to hadiths as well.
  9. Translate the Qur’an into other languages, which is the language of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, thus to prevent Arabic from being learned and read outside Arabic countries, and again, prevent the adhan, namaz, and dua from being done in Arabic outside of Arabic countries.

When Hempher read through the book, the secretary told him that he is not alone in this field. They have a lot of men doing the same job. The Ministry assigned over five
thousand men to this mission. The Ministry is considering increasing this number to one hundred thousand. When they reach this number, they shall have brought all Muslims under their sway and obtained all Muslim countries by means of a very subtle plan and a long-range patience.

There was a fifty page scheme prepared for the high ranking officials working in the Ministry for annihilating Islam altogether within a century’s time. The scheme was comprised of the following articles:

  1. We have to form a well-established alliance and an agreement of mutual help with the Russian Tsar in order to invade Bukhara, Tajikistan, Armenia, Khorasan and its neighborhood. Again, a sound agreement must be established with Russians in order to invade their neighbour, Turkey.
  2. We must establish cooperation with France in demolishing the Islamic world both from within and from without.
  3. We must sow very ardent rows and controversies between the Turkish and Iranian governments. In addition, all the Muslim tribes, nations and countries neighbouring one another must be set against one another. All the religious sects, including the extinct ones, must be recovered and set against one another.
  4. Parts from Muslim countries must be handed over to non-Muslim communities. The next step should be to arm these groups so that each of them will be a thorn on the body of Islam. Their areas must be widened till Islam has collapsed and perished.
  5. A schedule must be concocted to divide the Muslim and Ottoman States into as small as possible local states that are always at loggerheads with one another.
  6. Adulterate Islam’s essence by adding interpolated religions and sects into it. We shall invent four different religions in the Shiite countries. We must degenerate the existing four Sunnite madh-habs into four self-standing religions. After doing this, we shall establish an altogether new Islamic sect in Najd (Wahhabism), and then instigate bloody rows among all these groups. We shall annihilate the books belonging to the four madh-habs, so that each of these groups will consider themselves to be the only Muslim group and will look on the other groups as heretics that are to be killed.
  7. Placing our men around statesmen, we should gradually make them secretaries of these statesmen and through them we should carry out the desires of the Ministry. The easiest way of doing this is the slave trade: First of all we must adequately train
    the spies we are to send forth in the guise of slaves and concubines. Then we must sell them to the close relatives of Muslim statesmen. These slaves, after we have sold them, will gradually approach the Muslim statesmen, and encircle them like a bracelet girding a wrist.
  8. Missionary areas must be widened so as to penetrate into all social classes and vocations, especially into such professions as medicine, engineering, and book-keeping. We must open centers of propaganda and publication under such names as churches, schools, hospitals, libraries and charity institutions in the Islamic
    countries and spread them far and near. We must distribute millions of Christian books free of charge. We must publish the Christian history and intergovernmental law alongside the Islamic history. We must disguise our spies as monks and nuns and place them in churches and monasteries. We must use them as leaders
    of Christian movements. These people will at the same time detect all the movements and trends in the Islamic world and report to us instantaneously. We must institute an army of Christians who will, under such names as ‘professor’, ‘scientist’, and ‘researcher’, distort and defile the Islamic history, learn all the
    facts about Muslims’ ways, behaviour, and religious principles, and then destroy all their books and eradicate the Islamic teachings.
  9. We must confuse the minds of the Islamic youth, boys and girls alike, and arouse doubts and hesitations in their minds as to Islam. We must completely strip them of their moral values by means of schools, books, magazines [sports clubs, publications, motion pictures, television], and our own agents trained for this
    job. It is a prerequisite to open clandestine societies to educate and train Jewish, Christian and other non-Muslim youngsters and use them as decoys to trap the Muslim youngsters
  10. Civil wars and insurrections must be provoked; Muslims must always be struggling with one another as well as against non-Muslims so that their energies will be wasted and improvement and unity will be impossible for them. Their mental dynamisms and financial sources must be annihilated. Young and active ones
    must be done away with. Their orders must be rendered into terror and anarchy.
  11. Their economy must be razed in all areas, their sources of income and agricultural areas must be spoilt, their irrigation channels and lines must be devastated and rivers dried up, the people must be made to hate the performance of namaz and

Many or even most conspiracy theories are false. But some, like the memoires of Hempher, are demonstrably true. Such as the conspiracies surrounding the September 11th terrorist attack being a false flag operation planned by the U.S. Government. The attack and the ensuing so-called war on ‘terror’ that it provoked, was designed to pave the way for Israel to eventually replace the USA as the ruling state in the world.

Israel’s long-term strategy, in its war against Islam, is a demonstration of what would appear to validate the ‘truth’ of the Torah (and Bible) and, hence, ‘falsehood’ of the Qur’an. A ‘validation’ of ‘Torah’ truth would be achieved through a sudden Israeli war that would target the entire region around the Holy Land. That war, would result in an expansion of the territory of the Jewish State as would fulfill the declaration of the Torah (and Bible) that the boundaries of the Holy Land (hence Israel) stretch from “the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates [Genesis, 15:18].”

Only those who are completely blind and totally corrupted in respect of their capacity for understanding can fail to see the above events have come to pass and are still unfolding before our very eyes.

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