Unleashing the Beast: The Coming Fanatical Dictator and His Ten-Nation Coalition Refuted

Divide and conquer is the policy used by the west since hundreds of years, but people never learn. They fall into the same dangerous trap every time.

The enemies of Islam became successful by acting very insidiously and hypocritically. They mercilessly attack Islam through perfidious plans. If Islam is just another false religion that made no sense, why do so many feel obliged to attack it? They have been attacking through every kind of propaganda.

Many times people jump on the anti-Muslim bandwagon, not because they are bad, they are just following bad people who are deliberately misleading them.

John MacArthur, Joel Richardson, John Preacher, Rev. Joseph Adam Pearson, PH.D and Perry Stone have convinced Christians that the coming Antichrist will be Muslim. A common theme in these books is that they claim to have studied Islam for 10-20-30 years, but they get everything so wrong.

When you carefully consider the sources, all of the publications claiming the Antichrist will be Muslim all happen to encourage their readers to support Israel and hate Muslims. Have you ever noticed that most of the anti-Islam sites are run by Zionists when you look at their ‘pages liked by this page’ on Facebook? Let’s find out why.

Another misleading book aimed to deceive Christians is Unleashing the Beast: The Coming Fanatical Dictator and His Ten-Nation Coalition written by Perry Stone.

I highly doubt he has had 25 years of ministry and over 30,000 hours of Biblical study. It is to give him more credibility, as even those Christian ‘experts’ on Islam coincidentally get everything wrong about Christian eschatology too.

Christianity and Islam agree that the Antichrist will be a Jew who will rebuild the Jewish Temple and rule the world from an impostor State of Israel (which contradicts the excerpt above from Perry Stones book):

Islam’s view:

Source: Jerusalem in The Qur’an by Imran N. Hosein

Christianity’s view:

Source: Jesus is Precious

You can begin to see the pattern of these writers twisting scripture and turning you away from Islam so you can’t find out the truth about the Antichrist.

Islam denies the deity of Jesus Christ, Jesus as a third person in a divine trinity, and denies Jesus is the Son of God. The explanation behind these rejections has been already explored. Muslims believe in Jesus peace be upon him as the Messiah. Judaism on the other hand, denies Jesus as their Messiah. why isn’t Judaism attacked as an Antichrist religion?

Palestinians and Muslims claim to Jerusalem can be found here. I have referenced both the Bible and Qur’an so you can compare Holy Scripture, which clearly exposes his dishonest intent.

I hope Christians can see what the author is doing here….

This is how they brainwashed Christians into worshipping the beast, by distorting Christian and Islamic eschatology.

A Muslim does not believe in the Torah and Gospel that Christians and Jews have in their hands today, although there are still small parts of truth left in them. Why Muslim’s don’t believe in the Bible can be found in part one and part two of the Bible series.

Jesus will not tell everyone he lied. The Qur’an tells us that Jesus will deny ever saying he should be worshipped as God, son of God or as a third person in a divine trinity on the Day of Judgement [5:116-117]

I have already refuted these baseless arguments of Muslims claim to Jerusalem and not being mentioned in the Qur’an here.

Tell me your thoughts on the Antichrist in the comment section below.

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