The Myth of No-Go Zones in France Just Won’t Die

Today I want to talk about an article published by Zero Hedge via The Gatestone Institute. It is titled “Riots Return to France’s No-Go Zones”, dated May 12, 2020.

I have already debunked these so-called no-go zones in my article titled The Myth of No-Go Zones in France, but I do not know whether to laugh or cry at those who are so easily manipulated into believing any of this is true.

The conspiracy first arose after Fox News and notorious anti-Islam bloggers, Pamela Geller and Brigitte Gabriel, started promoting the myth.


The following are excerpts from the article:

It mentions the Zone Urbaine Sensible. The list can be found on the French government website. If you read my article on the Myth of No-Go Zones in France, then you will know that the list also includes our overseas French departments and regions, including Mayotte.

Source: The alleged no-go zones for non-Muslims in Mayotte

The article continues….

The French island of Mayotte is located off the coast of Mozambique in southeast Africa, where the residents are virtually entirely Muslim.

Mayotte became an overseas department on 31 March 2011. The first traces of the Islamisation of the Island dates back to the 9th century AD.

This is probably the only true statement from the entire article, as Mayotte is not a part of mainland French territory:

Regardless of what your thoughts are on Islam, the notions that Muslims have taken over France is completely absurd. So many people believe absolutely everything they hear without question. I am sure confirmation bias has nothing to do with that though, does it?

The people promoting this myth have a hidden agenda, which is why they are paid to create hate for Islam so the masses will be busy fighting Muslims. Only stupid people will believe this nonsense because it is what they want to hear.

You can very clearly see that Zone Urbaine Sensible (ZUS) are not no-go zones for non-Muslims in France.

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