Submission: France Capitulates to Islam – The Fake News of a Muslim Take Over

This article is in response to Paul Joseph Watson’s YouTube video.

When reading my articles, please keep in mind that I live in France, so I have first hand experience with what is really going on. I am passionate about the truth, and I love to share my knowledge with others.

What I provide for you is evidence-based research. What you decide to do with the knowledge is up to you. I also provide you with links so you can further investigate the topic if you would like to.

I hope you enjoy this blog, as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

The media (TV, newspaper, social media etc) has way too much influence. Ask yourself who owns it and what would be their agenda? It is so important to study this subject to understand the reality of the world today.

Watson’s reports on the situation here in France is often completely false or mixed with half truths in order to ‘sell’ fear of a Muslim take over. They are intentionally pushing an Islamophobic narrative and have been manipulating statistics surrounding the migrant crisis to try provoke civil war. He uses propaganda to manipulate, control and dominate the masses through fear. He is what you call ‘controlled-opposition’.

France has seen a lot of instability the past three years, after the emergence of a bogus revolutionary movement that has wreaked havoc across the nation.

It is stated in Confessions of a British Spy and British Enmity Against Islam (originally published in 1868) that the British will cooperate with France in demolishing the Islamic world both from within and from without (pg. 67). In order to obtain authority, they will take possession of all sorts of media, to try all possible methods (pg. 9). It is their duty to instigate the people against the administration. History has shown that ‘The source of all sorts of revolutions is public rebellions (pg. 20).’ We can’t even call this book a conspiracy when everything is coming to pass.

Social media and image editing tools such as Photoshop has made launching smear campaigns and scapegoating of Muslims a very easy task. The time to start waking up is NOW, before you send your sons off to go and die in another war after you were sold a bogus case for invasion.

If you want to know the truth about France, you can read the following articles dedicated to this subject.

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Anyone who can’t see that there’s something going on at this point are willingly blind. What scares me the most is how many people are completely unaware or just don’t care. Like lambs led to the slaughterhouse, they are oblivious to the danger ahead of them. It’s called being distracted with TV, technology, sports, free and irresponsible sex, while the elite are bringing us closer to Word War III.

Fear is a tool used by those in positions of power to control certain aspects of society. News channels and social media platforms that promote sites like Infowars, are very biased and have the overwhelming ability to warp peoples views on events. I am saying what needs to be said, and I work on spreading the message. If I piss some people off, even better. Sometimes that is what it takes to get people to listen.

High functioning narcissists run this world. The people who support them are a large part of the problem as they enable the toxicity. They use words in a misleading fashion to influence or exploit you. The white, non-Muslim majority are generally much more ignorant about Islam than they like to think. Their only knowledge comes from this loose network of people who are deceiving ignorant and gullible people into supporting them and their cause.

Propaganda is powerful enough to start wars and steer the masses in whatever direction they want. They manipulate people of rival religions or political beliefs to turn them against each other and bring rise to white nationalism. Their lies, manipulations, heresies, control and false teachings need to be exposed. The rise of narcissism in the arena of politics, religion and social media challenges several communities to live in peaceful coexistence.

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