A Scriptural Case in Support of Palestine

Evangelicals like to think of themselves as being well-informed about Israel’s role in the Middle East and its struggle with the Palestinians. They are likely to feel strong empathy for the Jewish nation, and they unanimously join much of the rest of the world in condemning the Palestinian people.

In reality, most of them know nothing of the real history of the conflict because they only know the side of the story fed to them by the Zionist controlled media that claims the Palestinians sparked the conflict.

Ever since the September 11th terrorist attack took place, American support for Israel has been justified by the claim that both states are threatened by Islamic terrorist groups.

Despite the ‘appearance’ that Israel is besieged and protecting herself from an Arab onslaught, the reality is Israel is preparing to unleash a major war that will witness the slaughter of so many more Arabs through which the frontiers of the Jewish State would dramatically expand to embrace the Bibilical Holy Land [Deuteronomy 11:24]. The continuous increase of illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territories clearly proves this.

This has given Israel a free hand in dealing with the Palestinians since Western media meticulously planned to portray Arab Muslims to be ‘evil’ and the ‘enemies of God’ to trick gullible Americans into fighting Israel’s enemies on her behalf.

The Jewish success in restoring the State of Israel and their control over Jerusalem, certainly appears to fulfill Biblical prophecies as they argue that God has granted them, ‘exclusive’, ‘eternal’ and ‘unconditional’ title to the Holy Land.

When the Jews rejected Jesus (pbuh) as the Messiah and boasted that they had killed him (4:157), they remained convinced that the advent of the Promised Messiah (and with him, the return of the Golden Age of Judaism) was still to come.

They believe that the return of that Golden Age requires the following:

• The Holy Land liberated from the control of Gentiles (non-Jews).
• Jewish return to the Holy Land from their exile in order to reclaim it, and claims to be the ancient State of Israel.
• The temple rebuilt [1 Chronicles 17:11-15].
• Israel becomes the ruling State in the world. A Jewish King, who will be the Messiah, will rule the world from Jerusalem and his rule will be eternal.

The question is, how has this been achieved without the Messiah? The answer is that it is achieved through the deception of a False Messiah (al-Masih al-Dajjal) who is known by Christians as the Antichrist.

The Antichrist was created by Allah and will be released into the world in the Last Age to accomplish this mission.

At no time have they been able to restore Holy Israel because prophet Solomon prayed to God to grant that none should inherit his Kingdom, i.e., the Holy State of Israel, after him. He made this prayer after he was shown the vision of an impostor sitting on his throne (38:34).

Solomon recognised the impostor to be the Antichrist, and knew he would attempt to rule over his kingdom. Hence he prayed as follows (38:35).

Allah obviously answered his prayer since Holy
Israel collapsed into civil war and was broken into two as soon as Solomon died. The ancient holy Israel has not really been restored. Rather, an impostor Israel is in the place of the true Israel. Both christianity and islam agree on this.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) declared that one of the major signs of the Last Age is that Allah will deceive the Jews by raising and sending
against them one who will impersonate the Messiah and lead them to believe that
the Golden Age was returning.

Instead, the Antichrist and this imposter Israel is taking most of the Jewish people as well as all others who support Israel to their final destruction.

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