The Religion of Peace Refuted

There are many sites dedicated to disliking Islam and Muslims and have been developed intentionally to spread the wrong information about the religion. The most popular on the list is The Religion of Peace.

The website hosts a link to their bookstore which lists The People Vs Muhammad – Psychological Analysis’, refuted here, as well as books by Robert Spencer, which I have also refuted here, as well as here, and his blog.

So let’s begin!


Allah ordered the Muslims to fight the pagans of Mecca and the hypocrites from the Christians and Jewd who entered Islam and deserted it afterwards to create doubts in Muslims’ hearts about Islam.

Despite all the hardships Muslims faced, Allah still ordered them to: Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed, Allah does not like the transgressors.” [2:190]

“If you should raise your hand against me to kill me – I shall not raise my hand against you to kill you. Indeed, I fear Allah, Lord of the worlds. [Qur’an, 5:28] And if they incline to peace, then incline to it [also] and rely upon Allah. Indeed, it is He who is the Hearing, the Knowing.” [Qur’an, 8:61]

These ‘violent’ verses came for a particular time and for a particular war. The Muslims in Medina used to face continuous wars from the Pagans, Christians and Jews. The Muslims had absolutely no choice. We see that if the enemy wants to do us harm then we must punish those who did us harm. Otherwise, we must treat the enemy and the innocents with kindness. This has nothing to do with Muslims wanting to take over the world and kill all non-Muslims.

Another ‘violent’ verse is “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.” [8:12]

No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a spiritual struggle, as it means having fear instilled in their hearts i.e., being naturally afraid. You can read more about this verse here.

Allah orders Muslims to allow total freedom of choice to people and to never try to force them into Islam: “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion…” [Qur’an, 2:256] And say, “The truth is from your Lord, so whoever wills – let him believe; and whoever wills – let him disbelieve.” [Qur’an, 18:29]

What this means is that they are free to disbelieve but Allah will punish them in the next world, i.e., the afterlife:

“So remind, [O Muhammad]; you are only a reminder. You are not over them a controller. However, he who turns away and disbelieves – Then Allah will punish him with the greatest punishment.” [88:21]

Killing an innocent human is not permitted:

“…whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely…” [Qur’an, 5:32]
“And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden, except by right. And whoever is killed unjustly – We have given his heir authority, but let him not exceed limits in [the matter of] taking life. Indeed, he has been supported [by the law].” [Qur’an, 17:33]

The critics might try convince you that ‘peaceful’ verses of the Qur’an have been abrogated. I have refuted that here.


Muslims claim to Jerusalem can be found here. Please note that the Qur’an refers to Jerusalem as a ‘city’, ‘land’, ‘earth’ or ‘town’ – but without naming it in 17:1, 17:7, 21:95, 5:21, 5:26, 21:71, 21:105, 2:143, 2:145, 6:165, 7:128 and 24:55.

Jerusalem was also Muslims first Qibla, i.e., prayer direction.


I am not denying that Christian homes and churches have never been torched or bombed. There is, however, a large amount of fake news used to scam ignorant and gullible Christians into donating to bogus charities or causes (scammers). You can read about some of the fake attacks here, and here.

Through their violent terrorist acts, extremists are violating the clear verses of the Qur’an and aHadith. Disregarding the verses annuls good deeds:

Those are the ones who disbelieve in the verses of their Lord and in [their] meeting Him, so their deeds have become worthless; and We will not assign to them on the Day of Resurrection any importance.” [Qur’an, 18:104-105]

Killing a believer, is a major sin: 4:93. killing an innocent person is a sin: 5:32, 6:151, 17:33. Mischief on land rejected: 2:60, 28:77. Fighting permitted in defense within limits – no transgression: 2:190. Kindness to non Combatants: 60:8. Suicide is not permissible in Islam: 2:195, 4:29. Safety of mosques, monasteries, churches, synagogues & worshippers: 2: 114, 22:40. Those who will be closest in affection to Muslims: 5:82


Let’s read the verses in context:

“And if Allah had willed, He could have made you [of] one religion, but He causes to stray whom He wills and guides whom He wills. And you will surely be questioned about what you used to do.” [Qur’an, 16:93] “And say, “The truth is from your Lord, so whoever wills – let him believe; and whoever wills – let him disbelieve.” [Qur’an, 18:29] “Say, “I do not ask of you for it any payment – only that whoever wills might take to his Lord a way.” [Qur’an, 25:57] “Whoever does a good deed – it is for himself; and whoever does evil – it is against the self. Then to your Lord you will be returned.” [Qur’an, 45:15]

Here we clearly see that Allah helps whom he wills and leaves astray whom he wills, depending on our intentions in life. People have a free will to believe or disbelieve in God. When wealth corrupts the heart, such individual becomes internally blind and, as a consequence, cannot penetrate truth in the Qur’an. Allah disclosed what he does to such people:

And who is more unjust than one who is reminded of the verses of his Lord but turns away from them and forgets what his hands have put forth? Indeed, We have placed over their hearts coverings, lest they understand it, and in their ears deafness. And if you invite them to guidance – they will never be guided, then – ever.” [Qur’an, 18:57]

Mankind is comprised of three kinds of people. Firstly, there are those who received the truth and accepted it. They then acted upon it. They are believers, and they are assured of the reward of heaven.

Secondly, there are those who received the Truth and rejected it. They then reached a stage in their act of rejection when Allah sealed their hearts to the Truth. No amount of preaching would ever succeed in winning such people to the Truth. They are the disbelievers (Kufr).

And finally, there are those who have either received the truth, or haven’t received it, and have neither accepted nor rejected it, or have accepted it but not acted upon it, etc. On this basis, it’s up to the will of Allah to either forgive or punish them and will judge them accordingly.


Sometimes the sins we accumulate create a barrier in our heart that stops the Qur’an from having the impact it should have on us. By committing all the sins, you have essentially made your own desires your God – whatever your desires tell you to do, you do them.

“And they say, “There is not but our worldly life; we die and live, and nothing destroys us except time.” And they have of that no knowledge; they are only assuming.” [Qur’an, 45:24]
“And when Our verses are recited to them as clear evidences, their argument is only that they say, “Bring [back] our forefathers, if you should be truthful.”[Qur’an, 45:25]

A Muslim should only do what Allah tells him or her to do, and not let the worldly life deceive them.

Who took their religion as distraction and amusement and whom the worldly life deluded.” So today We will forget them just as they forgot the meeting of this Day of theirs and for having rejected Our verses.” [Qur’an, 7:51]

This leads to a seal on their heart. Among mankind, there are those whose hearts have been so sealed by Allah, that they can never understand the Qur’an:

Have you seen he who has taken as his god his [own] desire, and Allah has sent him astray due to knowledge and has set a seal upon his hearing and his heart and put over his vision a veil? So who will guide him after Allah ? Then will you not be reminded?.” [Qur’an, 45:23]

This means that we can take our money as our God, or worship our possessions. It can then be easy to forget the remembrance of Allah.

Let’s now look at the verse: And the disbelievers planned, but Allah planned. And Allah is the best of planners. [Qur’an, 3:54]

The following verse tells us a certain group of unbelievers were plotting against Prophet Muhammad pbuh. These verses are referring to the Jews:

And [remember, O Muhammad], when those who disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you or kill you or evict you [from Makkah]. But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners. [Qur’an, 8:30]

Allah only plots against evil:

And they planned a plan, and We planned a plan, while they perceived not. Then look how was the outcome of their plan – that We destroyed them and their people, all. [Qur’an, 27:50-51]

As He says:

Whoever desires honor [through power] – then to Allah belongs all honor. To Him ascends good speech, and righteous work raises it. But they who plot evil deeds will have a severe punishment, and the plotting of those – it will perish. [Qur’an, 35:10]

Therefore, their schemes were eventually thwarted. Allah sure is the best of planners!


I’m only going to address the relevant points:


When the verse is read in full, and in context, it is very clear:

“[Say, O Muhammad], “I have only been commanded to worship the Lord of this city, who made it sacred and to whom [belongs] all things. And I am commanded to be of the Muslims [those who submit to Allah]” [Qur’an, 27:91]

Allah commands His Messenger, Muhammad pbuh, to say to the people to worship Allah and call them to Islam using the Qur’an:

“And to recite the Qur’an.” And whoever is guided is only guided for [the benefit of] himself; and whoever strays – say, “I am only [one] of the warners.” And say, “[All] praise is [due] to Allah . He will show you His signs, and you will recognize them. And your Lord is not unaware of what you do.” [Qur’an, 27:92-93]

Prophet Muhammad pbuh was commanded to say that he only warns them (the people of the city) against the hellfire by means of the Qur’an. We can see that TROP has deliberately omitted and misconstrued some key words in these verses. It is clear as day that prophet Muhammad pbuh is addressing people of a certain city at the command of his Lord.

“Say, [O Muhammad], “O people, if you are in doubt as to my religion – then I do not worship those which you worship besides Allah ; but I worship Allah, who causes your death. And I have been commanded to be of the believers” [Qur’an, 10:104]

The fact that the word Lord is connected to the word city (in the phrase “the Lord of this city”) is a sign of honor and divine care for that city. This city can be none other than Mecca. This surah was sent down at a stage when the message of Islam was confined to Mecca and its addressees were the people of that city only.


Rape and pedophilia has been addressed here, and here.


Answering Christianity has answered this perfectly: Mary, the sister of Aaron?


There’s not a single verse that tells Muslims that they are to pray five times a day?

Wudu: 5:6 and Ghusl: 4:43 (after Menstruation: 5:6 and 2:222). 

Times of prayer: 7.31. Fajir: 17:78, 24:58, Zuhr: 11:114, Asr: 2:238, 11:114, 24:58 Maghrib: 11:114, 17:78 Isha: 24:5850:40. Friday prayer: 62:9 Tahajjud prayers: 17:79, 73:20.


One of the most common arguments that Christian missionaries pose to the Muslims is that the Qur’an affirms the Torah and Gospel that Christians and Jews follow and have in their hands today.

Muslims are instructed by the Qur’an to believe in all previous revealed scriptures:

The Messenger has believed in what was revealed to him from his Lord, and [so have] the believers. All of them have believed in Allah and His angels and His books and His messengers, [saying], “We make no distinction between any of His messengers.” And they say, “We hear and we obey.” [Qur’an, 2:285]

Whoever disbelieves in any of them has disbelieved in Allah:

O you who have believed, believe in Allah and His Messenger and the Book that He sent down upon His Messenger and the Scripture which He sent down before. And whoever disbelieves in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers, and the Last Day has certainly gone far astray. [Qur’an, 4:136]

Islam teaches that the Christian and Jewish scriptures of today are corrupt, but there is little truth that still remains in them. When the Qur’an talks about the Torah and Gospel, it is about the original revelations sent to Moses and Jesus pbut.

The Qur’an tells us that the Children of Israel (Israelites) rewrote The Torah and Gospel with their own hands (2:75, 77-79, 2:59), and then claimed that it was from Allah. They made halal (permissible) what Allah made haram (impermissible). They also distorted (misinterpreted it) the meanings with their tongues (4:46 and 3:78). You can read some of the corruptions that took place here, and here, and here, and here.

The Qur’an states that the Torah and Gospel was meant as a guide prior to the Qur’an, not during, or after:

…before it was the Scripture of Moses to lead and as mercy. Those [believers in the former revelations] believe in the Qur’an. But whoever disbelieves in it from the [various] factions – the Fire is his promised destination. So be not in doubt about it. Indeed, it is the truth from your Lord, but most of the people do not believe. [Qur’an, 11:17]

The previous revelations were connected to a particular time and specific nations, they were not eternal, and would not abide, so Allah did not guarantee to preserve them. The task of preserving them was entrusted to the scholars of the nations to which they were sent:

Indeed, We sent down the Torah, in which was guidance and light. The prophets who submitted [to Allah ] judged by it for the Jews, as did the rabbis and scholars by that with which they were entrusted of the Scripture of Allah, and they were witnesses thereto. [Qur’an, 5:44]

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