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I have in-depth knowledge of Middle East politics and regional events. My passion started at quite a young age when I started learning Turkish and the history of the region. 

Palestine is the most complex geopolitical and religious issue confronted by humanity. It continues to pose a major threat to world peace. No sane person can agree to deny the right of the Palestinian people to enjoy the freedom in their own land.

Learning about Islam will help my readers gain a better understanding of the religious aspects in the conflict and the ways in which the corrupt elite deceive the unsuspecting public into accepting and fighting in bogus wars that intends to wipe out the Arabs to reshape the Middle East. 

It is important to learn about Islam from authentic sources instead of false Christian teachers who are deliberately misleading them about Christian and Islamic eschatology.

Hence, my site became known as Answering Zionism and Religious Error.

Thank you for visiting my site!